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Mythical Beasts & Where to Farm Them: Exploring Terraria's Bestiary


if any entry is going to be easy to get, it'll be the corite.

And i don't even want to try to get "pirate enemies drop coin guns" in my bestiary.


Some Enemies like zombies and Eaters of Souls comes in different sizes, each with their own statistics. Will this will carry over to the 1.4 and displayed in the bestiary?


Skeletron can be summoned via the Clothier Voodoo Doll. Sounds like the dungeon guardian however might not require killing it to fill in its data. It's also not impossible to get crimson and corruption in the same bestiary when you can import seeds from one world to another and create a new crimson or corruption.

EDIT: Worth saying I'm really excited for the bestiary feature. :) One of the things I was looking forward to most. I wasn't expecting an NPC to be tied to it.

However, it will be impossible to have Salamanders, Crawdads and Giant Shellys on the same world.


Duke Fishron
However, it will be impossible to have Salamanders, Crawdads and Giant Shellys on the same world.

That is an excellent point. I'm um ... ... just going to have a panic attack over here in the corner.
Given that it's a world-based glossary of enemies, I can only hope that there won't be a permanent blank spot in each world.


edit: also also, assuming the bestiary groups NPCs together that means there are at least 3 new NPCs we haven't seen at all yet

Hey, I have a Theory, those 3 slots are for the Corrupted/Hallowed/Crimson Dryad, like the DD2 Crossover, the dryad changes its phase in the biome that it is inhabiting


That critter guide will be awesome for trying to get worms and fireflies sometimes. And/or if you see a gold animal pop, you can throw that on real quick so nothing kills the stupid thing.


I see you've added another type of booby trap to the game. Savage.

The breastiary bestiary will be especially handy to find those essential RNG drops (imma lookin at you picksaw). Won't need the wiki so much now.

8 days.......
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