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Naked guardian (Texture pack)



I have made another weird texture pack... :eek:

This texture pack makes it so that the Stardust guardian golden parts disappear so the guardian is 'naked'.





Hope you enjoy the texture pack, bye!



  • Naked guardian.zip
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Unit One

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Why this in maps thread?
No problem, I've moved it to the Texture Pack section. :) If you see a thread that you think is in the wrong place, you can use the Report button to let us know. It helps cut down on duplicate posts - sometimes the thread creator thinks they need to make a new thread in the correct section. But it's easy enough to just move it to the proper section if we (the forum staff) know about it from a report.


Why would you make something so controversial yet so brave?

In all honesty though it's a really funny edit and i love it, keep it up!^^


I thought I would regret clicking on this because of it's title "Naked guardian", but I don't. Probably gonna use it. I looks quite nice. Might I make a suggestion though? Change the title, "Unarmored guardian" would do a lot better.


Scary, disturbed, but funny... I also think it can give you nightmares (I don't want this thing behind me!!! \o/)
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