Name a boss you found easy, contrary to popular belief.

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  1. a light switch

    a light switch Terrarian

    Skeletron Prime is really easy. Asphalt bridge in the sky, spam the clockwork assault rifle and he should be defeated, as long as you kill the laser and bomb cannon first, then the vice and saw don't really do anything since you're running on asphalt, keep firing at the head.
    Also, wall of flesh is easy with precise timing using any cloud in a bottle-type item, meteor armor and space gun, or making a long bridge and using a bee gun to kill the hungry fast and damage the wall, then use a strong ranged weapon.
  2. ArmyFrog

    ArmyFrog Plantera

    I find bosses that are fun to fight the ones that are easy to defeat. UFO is definitely that boss for me. I’m not sure if people ever thought it was hard, but I find him to be very easy.
  3. Sm-ArtThings

    Sm-ArtThings Terrarian

    I found the Destroyer massively easy and never even used Dadelus Stormbow (im not sure if I already said that and just forgot). It was probably the easiest boss in the game for me
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  4. Sockmonkey367

    Sockmonkey367 Official Terrarian

    I cheesed the UFO, i found it MUCH to difficult to fight it normally.
    But now with post-ML gear i can fight it normally.
  5. Amarok the Wolf

    Amarok the Wolf Terrarian

    Yeeh. I find UFO difficult to fight normally (but also a lot of fun). Actually second phase can be easy if you've got Cosmic Car Keys. Just need to follow a specific strafing pattern and be quick.

    Ufo is really easy to fight if you're inside a house with one opening at the top. I tend to throw a yoyo out that allows me to hit the UFO while being protected from the lasers and beams. It's less fun but guarantees items.
  6. a light switch

    a light switch Terrarian

    Also, since I'm a former old gen console player, destroyer felt impossible.
    Then I played on PC.
    "hmmm, what's that type of mimi-
    oh look a nice hallow bow."
  7. Sockmonkey367

    Sockmonkey367 Official Terrarian

    I used spidey senses and chesed the destroyer lol
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  8. Kooyah

    Kooyah Skeletron Prime

    Expert Skeletron. I can see why he's considered hard, since the slow debuff he inflicts can effectively stunlock you if you can't grapple out of the way. But with many saying his difficulty's on par with the godawful hungry-spamming Wall of Flesh, I personally found the latter to be much more difficult than ol' skelly. As long as you're careful and don't try to rush the fight, you can defeat Skeletron pretty easily with a molten fury and hellfire arrows, with plenty of time before the sun rises (bring some mobility though; those skulls he shoots hit like a truck).
  9. llelle

    llelle Terrarian

    Plantera - Terra Blade makes quick work of it.
    Cultist - Killed him by an accident.
    EoW - I mean, i had an Arkhalis...
  10. Droid15.24.3

    Droid15.24.3 Santa Claus

    Wait, which version hasn't gotten 1.1+ content yet?

    As far as bosses, Plantera (Ex) was way easier than I expected.
  11. ZombieKillerX

    ZombieKillerX Terrarian

    I built a big box and used nimbus rod. Lol. I think he is only slightly harder than EoW.The easiest.
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  12. Moonglett

    Moonglett Terrarian

    I found expert WoF really easy! People say the speed is really difficult to go against.
  13. Marshadow

    Marshadow Terrarian

    I dissagree with you, even with Bee pack and beenades. Ive died 3 time in a row when wof is at like 1 hp
  14. SnekkySnek

    SnekkySnek Terrarian

    Honestly, the easiest boss is the moonlord especially when you are only using wooden armour with the solar eruption as godly and you have most of the buff potions in use. It took a total of 3.8 hours to kill him with max health but i did the job. the amount of platforms i had to use went to the top of the world and i had half my inventory full of the best health potions
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  15. Meta Knight_but_Terraria

    Meta Knight_but_Terraria Brain of Cthulhu

    Well, this isn't contrary to popular belief, but it was my belief that the Eater of Worlds (normal mode) would be EXTREMELY hard. I spent too many hours building myself up and staying away from Shadow Orbs and making an arena. When the time came, I had the best ore armor that could be built and lots of Jester Arrows. When I fought him, he died SUPER fast. I beat that world and made a new one, which also had corruption. I beat EoW with the gear you were supposed to have entering the fight, still really easy. Another boss that I find extremely easy is the Moon Lord, based purely off of how easy he is to cheese (for melee at least, don't know about other classes). Big house in the sky, move Nurse in, both Stardust Summons, have a bewitching table and grindstone in the house, and the Solar Eruption with armor of your choice. Thanks to @ASG_102 for telling me that, by the way.