Name a boss you found easy, contrary to popular belief.

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  1. BlazGaming

    BlazGaming Steampunker

    just create a giant runway and have the rod of discord and a homing weapon (nubela fist for magic and chlorophyte bullets if you are ranger)
    at first if your not prepared he seems impossible but it's quite easy
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    cultist, some of the easiest attacks to dodge
  2. Sockmonkey367

    Sockmonkey367 Official Terrarian

    Yea, Cultist is easy, UFO mount plus weapon = ez fight
  3. Technohelper

    Technohelper Steampunker

    Destroyer be a piece of cake. like really. you have a Daedalus Stormbow + Holy Arrows and you win life lol.
  4. King Victor

    King Victor Skeletron Prime

    Who thought the destroyer was easy?
  5. Technohelper

    Technohelper Steampunker

    me lel
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  6. razorbladetyphoonbest

    razorbladetyphoonbest Eye of Cthulhu

    The twins are kinda easy i beat them with all classes except melee the cursed flamethrower hurts and yoyos arent in mobile yet while the destroyer bullies me alot with all the lasers i even needed full hallowed armor excalibur flamethrower and gungnir (all with good reforges) just to beat him and yes i farmed the other 2 for the hallowed bars
  7. FredLeon

    FredLeon Spazmatism

    Destroyer can be a bit tricky, if you get caught and starts shooting lasers it game over, you also need to have good gear or you won't be able to defeat him until sunrise.
    skeletron prime is a piece of cake, you need learn how to dodge him and what hands to destroy first and it's easy.
    The twins are also easy with ok gear and WiNgS, also the shield of cthulu can be very useful to dodge the flames.
  8. King Victor

    King Victor Skeletron Prime

    You can reck him with holy arrows and (Preferably) the Daedalus storm bow.
  9. creepman25

    creepman25 Terrarian

    For me it would have to be Eater of Worlds, Skeletron Prime, then The Twins, Golem was no problem neither was Plantera.
  10. Plinkster

    Plinkster Terrarian

    Skeletron Prime was very easy to me.
  11. Amarok the Wolf

    Amarok the Wolf Terrarian

    Wall of Flesh

    This actually worked against me: In a massive way.

    I went up against wall of flesh with space gun and meteorite armour. Got my pwnhammer. Returned to base. Didn't even think to craft or collect anything molten. No pickaxe. Nothing.
    I had no hellevator. My only way to get back to hell was to fly across half the map, enter via a pyramid and follow the passages down.

    Needless to say, i had a lot of problems returning to hell to craft things. By the time I was able to craft everything, crimson pretty much took over half the map, mechanical bosses were having a field day on me, etc, etc, etc.

    I kind of gave up on that world, and just now am only returning to it to progress. Surprisingly enough the jungle is still fine!!! The world is still usable.

    Just killed Destroyer. We messed up, but it's going to be OK
  12. Sockmonkey367

    Sockmonkey367 Official Terrarian

    Me and my brother kinda did the same thing with the pickaxe.
  13. |.Terrarian.|

    |.Terrarian.| Skeletron

    I always over-prepare for the WoF, playing multiplayer with me is the worst because of it LOL

    I always STRESS that "WE NEED TO MAKE A BRIDGE OF AT LEAST 4 STACKS OF STONE OR ELSE WE WILL DIE" and I'm not even kidding I always do it, sometimes even with rails as well, of course I want to have the Brick Layer at this point to make it easier though.

    I make the bridges from stone to...
    1: See which type of biome it is (Corrupt, Crimson, Hallow)
    2: Get Tax Collector NPC faster
    3: If it IS Hallow, ez crystal collecting!

    Usually I end up killing it in the first 2000 blocks. :D
    And now for my boss ranking of difficulty:
    (in Expert Mode)

    1 (Ez Pz Lemon Sqeezee) - 10 (-rage quits-)

    Slime King: Ez

    Eye of Cthulhu: Dashing noises keep me up at night, moderate difficulty depending on your mobility accessories.
    3/10 - 6/10

    Eater of Worlds: Painfully Easy, spitting doesn't add much especially when you can break the shots

    Brain of Cthulhu: Pretty dang easy as long as you have a good arena set up.

    Skeletron: Ez until a hand is killed, then all hell breaks lose...

    Bee Queen: I find it easy as I've fought so many, a very fun pattern to fight with. 3.5/10

    Wall of Flesh: As I mentioned before I always over-prepare to hell and I've fought him so so many times...I still die lul.

    Destroyer: ...I cheese the fight with Daedalus and Holy Arrows...

    Skeletron Prime: Beatable immediately, as long as you don't take until day to finish it off. Damage check boss, brilliantly designed! :D

    The Twins: I use Daedalus Stormbow here as well with either Ichor/Cursed Arrows, pretty easy as long as I have Frost Wings (nerf them please?)

    Plantera: I always have so much trouble with this boss for some reason.

    Golem: A joke even without taking into account they have a possibility of getting stuck in walls and made even easier to fight...

    Lunatic Cultist: Is this a boss?

    Duke Fishron: I've beaten Moon Lord before Duke Fishron...just

    Moon Lord: A worthy final boss.

    Okay that'll do it for my boss difficulty list no one asked for!
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  14. ASG_102

    ASG_102 The Destroyer

    I find the plantera to be easy, even on expert mode I was able to beat it with a megashark and frost armour by circling around it once.
  15. FredLeon

    FredLeon Spazmatism

    I'm a R E A L M A N, i don't use daedalus to kill the mechanical bosses.
    Actually i'm too lazy to farm to get the daedalus
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  16. Bubby Aurora

    Bubby Aurora The Destroyer

    EoW is easily the easiest. While I was scared it was gonna kill me, I fricken aced it on my first playthrough. Yeah...
  17. Meta Knight_but_Terraria

    Meta Knight_but_Terraria Brain of Cthulhu

    Assuming you have 500 health, just remove all of the traps from the room and he's a pushover. You might need to add a Campfire, however, but no heart lanterns are needed.
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  18. my name is blank

    my name is blank Terrarian

    For me its the moon lord just kidding my terraria is not even 1.1
    But to answer i would say the twins the twina where simple for me a tip is do them last so you have full hallowed armor and a mega shark and potions obviously and theyre easy
    Also i recommend you farm for harpey wings and kill spasmastism first then retisnazer
  19. Blood Crawler

    Blood Crawler Brain of Cthulhu

    King Slime

    I think this boss was supposed to be fought before eye of cthulhu.
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  20. Sockmonkey367

    Sockmonkey367 Official Terrarian

    Honestly, even pre EoC, it's pretty easy even without the rope trick cause grenades and javelins.