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Headless Horseman
So this might sound like a noob, but you know how some people have a mob under their name? How do I get one?


Empress of Light
Eye of Chthulu - 100 posts
Eater of World - 500 posts
Brain of Chthulu - 1000 posts
Skeletron - 100 likes
The Destroyer - 500 likes
Retinazor - 1000 likes
Skeletron Prime - Be a member for 1 year
Spazmatism - Be a member for 2 years
Headless Horseman - Participate in the Halloween Contest
Steampunker - Link your Steam account to your TCF account
Painter - Winning an art contest
Party Girl - Your content or you is featured in the home page
Mechanic - Good suggestion for TCF
Santa Clause - Donated prize/money for either a charity event or a community contest
Terrarian - Default title
Pixel Pirate - Linked Steam account owns Pixel Piracy
Official Terrarian - Linked Steam account owns Terraria
Re-Logic - You're a Re-Logic staff
Moderator - You are a TCF mod
Administrator - You're a TCF admin
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