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Nature Loving NPCs - A Small Behavior Change

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Welcome to this small suggestion I grew!

So, we all know Terraria's unique flora can grow without any process, like watering and fertilizing. So, I suggest this small behavior change!

NPCs will throw some brown powder (Fertilizer) and water the ground when there are grass blocks with flora growing near them, as to look like if they are caring for the plants. If there are only grass blocks with no flora growing, then they will throw some seeds. It would also promote planting to the players so global warming would be reduced (Okay this one I'm not sure)

Note: This doesn't affect the environment in any way, it's just an aesthetical change.

Thanks for reading! Tell me what I can improve on! Technically this doesn't need sprites, but if you want to give sprouts sprites, you're allowed to!
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I feel like only the dryad will do this but (#But) on Arbor Day all npc's will have this ai
Nah, the NPCs will do it regardless of the time of year and I don't even know what Arbor Day is.

I think is better an staff of regrowth instead of an brown powder and water
Well, NPCs don't have a wide array of items and using a Staff of Regrowth wouldn't make sense in growing flora naturally anyway. Thanks for the suggestion anyway.
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