PC Naughty Present and Blood Moon

Discussion in 'PC Bug Reports' started by Cobran, Jun 2, 2019.

  1. Cobran

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    Hey !
    Not sure it's a bug, but I spam click with the naughty present at 7h28 PM to launck the frost Moon at the sonnest moment and at 7h30 PM precisely :
    "The Blood Moon is rising ..." *
    "The Frost Moon starts !" *
    *or something like that

    After the Frost Moon starts like as usual with no Blood Moon in sight.

    The strange thing is this sentence of Terraria official Wiki : "The Naughty Present is used to summon the Frost Moon event. It can only be used at night, but cannot be used during a Blood Moon. " (link)

    I don't know if is the English Wiki's fault but in the French Wiki : If the Naughty Present is used in a blood moon, it's cancelled and the Frost Moon fighted is normal (Si le Cadeau de vilain est utilisé une nuit de Lune de sang, celle-ci est annulée et la Lune de givre affrontée est normale.)
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    Don't know where that came from, but you can definitely use a Naughty Present during a Blood Moon (it will simply cancel the Blood Moon). The wiki is definitely wrong here.
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