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Neat Final(ish) Boss

I saw this idea on the reddit fourums. What if, as the final (or near final) boss of the game, the curription summoned, in an effort to thwart you in your quest, the characters of the original terraria with their post moonlord gear. Re-logic could make it like pulling them through the multiverse or maybe they are from the same universe and they awake from some sort of slumber and are decayed and corrupted. Would be pretty cool.

Maybe it pulls out 4 characters one for each class and they are decked out and op but you can learn the attacks real well and kill them. The mage can do swipes with the last prism and occasionally shoot nebulas or fire down lunar flares. The tank/melee could throw daybreaks and swipe at you with the solar eruption. Ranged can sit back and shoot little bursts of arrows and bullets from phantasm and sdmg but wind up for a sniper shot every now and again. Summoner has his stardust dragon with classic worm AI and could occasionally change out his summon for something different and you have to all of them. Once again, would be pretty cool.
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