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PC Nebula or Spectre?


What do you guys use? Spectre or Nebula? I'm using Nebula because the boosters are really helpful when they stack.


I haven't tried either cause I'm saving my resources but I think Nebula is better because of the Boosters spectre still is cool though!


The only downside I saw for Nebula armor is pickup lag on multiplayer will kill you swiftly, not that Spectre would fair any better.

Other than that, Nebula all the way.


Official Terrarian
Nebula is much more effective than Spectre. It can give a health, mana and damage boost. With it you can regenerate extremely fast and deal really high damage. You aren't restricted to magic weapons. It drops these boosters even if you kill enemies with meele weapons.

Juno Brier

Eye of Cthulhu
The buffs on Nebula are especially potent at level 3.
Basically you'll outheal Spectre Hood with the health regen buff, outdamage Spectre Mask with the damage buff, and the mana regen buff makes it easier to keep the momentum going.

Plus the buffs can show up on any damage type, not just magic.
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