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tModLoader Nebur's Character Traits Mod


Nebur's Character Traits Mod
By: Nebur7420

In this mod I aim to add random traits to you character on creation or the first time you load the character with the mod on.
These traits can vary in functionality.

!!!Note that not all traits have visual feedback at this point I am planning on adding this!!!

Currently added traits (all given to the player at this point)
- Bee Allergy: Gives the player a ton of debuffs when touching a bee or getting hit by its projectiles. (hornets too)
- ADHD: gives the player extra movementspeed but decreases basic weapon accuracy. (could not get special weapons to change accuracy at this point)
- Hay Fever: makes the player allergic to sunflowers and gives them the "Hay Fever" debuff. this makes you move slower and sets your life regen to -1.

Planned traits
- fearOfDark
- fearOfLight
- fearOfGerms
- social
- antiSocial
- arachnophobia
- fearOfHeights
- fearOfDepths
- near sighted
- far sighted
- hot blooded
- cold blooded
- cloustrophobia
- agoraphobia (fear of leaving your house)
and more to be added.

Let me know if you have any fun ideas for traits!
And if you encounter any bugs please let me know.
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