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tAPI Necropolis Mod

Discussion in 'Released' started by Zoodletec, Oct 6, 2014.

  1. Zoodletec

    Zoodletec Terrarian

    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Hello fellow Terrarians :happy:

    That special time has come once again...the Necro has come to tAPI.
    It's time to bring back the darkness to your Terraria and fight for your soul
    against the forces of pure evil.
    Corruption is rampant and soon everything you once knew will soon turn against you.
    It's time to leave the world you knew and step forth into...the Necropolis.


    Mod Team:

    [​IMG] Zoodletec = Mod author, Lead Spriter, Coder

    [​IMG]Sapharan = Mod Co-author, Spriter, Coder



    The Necropolis mod is a full game length custom content mod. It adds content of all kinds (Weapons, Armor, Accessories, NPC's, Bosses, Town NPC's, Pets, Minions, Tiles, Ores, ...pretty much every thing you could think of ;)).
    It also adds a new boss progression that is fit into the vanilla Terraia game with 6 new bosses...so far.
    The Mod currently contains 2,697 Files .

    Content covered in the mod so far is only from new game untill hardmode in the vanilla game. We will be working on adding tons of content to Hardmode next big update TBA.

    Installation Process:

    -Install Latest GameLauncher
    -Install Latest tAPI (currently made with tAPI r14a)
    -After installing those two programs, run tAPI through game launcher
    (This will create a tAPI mod folder for you in your Terraria installation folder)
    -Download the Necropolis Mod from the link below in this post
    -Then go to Computer/My Documents/my games/terraria/tapi/mods/Local
    -Drag the downloaded Necro zipped file into /Local
    (do not unzip the file leave it as is)
    -Launch tAPI, and click on 'Mods' in the menu screen options, there you will see 'Necro'
    -Click on it and click 'Enable', let it load,
    and now you can create a new world and new player
    -Enjoy the mod!

    Download Link:

    Download Link Here

    (currently only working in single player)
    (is being fixed for multiplayer)

    many = didn't feel like counting xD

    Necropolis v1.0.0
    *NPC's added:
    -11 wolf type
    -38 slime type
    -4 spirit type
    -8 undead type
    -14 phase 1 custom npc
    -9 phase 2 custom npc
    -15 phase 3 custom npc
    -1 mini boss
    -6 bosses
    -5 minions
    -3 town npc
    -8 pets
    -5 haunting npc
    *41 npc banners added
    *6 boss trophies added
    *7 accessories added
    *17 full armor sets with changeable helms (range,magic,melee, and summoner) added
    *4 crafting stations added
    *14 tools added
    *6 magic weapons added
    *22 melee weapons added
    *11 ranged weapons added
    *many tiles added
    *many wall tiles
    *many materials added
    *many vanity masks added
    *many vanity outfits added

    Necropolis v1.0.5
    *all code updated to tAPI v14a
    *4 mythical beasts added
    *4 boss buster weapons added
    *8 hamaxes added
    *3 boomerang type weapons added
    *new AI and projectiles for minions
    *base code structures added for future use

    Necropolis v1.0.5a
    *wolf pelt drops buffed
    *harpy effigy and maggot wand fixed
    *hamaxes axe power settings fixed


    team tAPI
    (Arkhalis, Grox the Great, MiraiMai, PoroCYon, Shockah, Yoraiz0r, zetaPRIME.)
    Thank you all for creating tAPI and all of your many hours of work. Also for
    answering our many questions over this build.

    Thank you for answering our questions and helping us to figure out our coding problems.

    Thank you for your advice and help with coding and many of your old codes which were the basis for many new codes.

    Thank you for so much help you have given us.

    Of coarse, the biggest of all the thanks to you. For the game we all love so much,

    Thank you very much from both of us.
    Without you this mod would not have been possible <3
    ...or it would, just would have taken a year more or so to make xD


    Screen Shots:


    Right click on banner copy it and paste while it editing your signature.



    How to report bugs:

    Please when reporting bugs follow these easy steps.
    There are a few things that you should take note of when reporting bugs/crashes.
    1.What other mods did you have on when it happened?
    2.What were you doing when it happened?
    3.What item were you using when it happened? (if any)
    4. Details
    (names of items, mobs, or anything you were in contact with or using at the time of the problem)
    Try and copy paste or screen capture any errors sent by tAPI and post them.

    All of this will help us fix things much faster because we will be able to find problems faster.

    Hints (until we get a wiki up):

    *The custom boss progression begins with Demonite Ore or Crimtane Ore...
    *The ore and the main armor and weapons follow the bosses...
    *The boss spawning items all contain drops from the last boss in the progression...

    Content info:
    More coming soon...
    :joy:Demon Shrine:
    Recipe =
    "items": Clay Block: 20, Torch: 3, Wood: 4
    "tiles": "Work Bench"

    :joy:Koi Egg Sack:
    Recipe =
    "items": Demonite Ore: 10, Coral: 4
    "tiles": [ "Demon Shrine" ]
    "items": { "Crimtane Ore": 10, "Coral": 4 },
    "tiles": "Demon Shrine"

    :joy:Dragons Gate Gem:
    Recipe =
    "items": Demonite Bar: 1, Cloud: 1, KoiScale: 5
    "tiles": "Demon Shrine"
    "items": Crimtane Bar: 1, Cloud: 1, KoiScale: 5
    "tiles": "Demon Shrine"

    :joy:Harpy Effigy:
    Recipe =
    "items": Feather": 10, RyuScale: 10, Wood: 4
    "tiles": "Demon Shrine"

    :joy:Maggot Wand:
    Recipe =
    "items":NecromancerFeather: 10, Wood: 4,
    Bottled Honey: 1, Glowing Mushroom: 4
    "tiles": "Demon Shrine"

    :joy:Alluring Perfume:
    Recipe =
    "items": Purification Powder: 10, Golden Key: 1, Glass: 2, Glowstick: 5
    "tiles": "Demon Shrine"

    :joy:Signal Transmitter:
    Recipe =
    "items": SoulGemBar: 1, Meteorite Bar: 1, Cloud: 1
    "tiles": "Demon Shrine"

    ENJOY! :D
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2015
  2. nealpd

    nealpd Skeletron Prime

    This looks amazing! I loved the tconfig version, downloading now!
    Zoodletec and Sapharan like this.
  3. Sapharan

    Sapharan Golem

    I hope you like it. We have spent good time making this. Enjoy!
    Zoodletec likes this.
  4. Pyleah

    Pyleah Terrarian

    YAYA; necro is back! sweet work Zoodlie!
    Zoodletec likes this.
  5. Mephisto

    Mephisto The Destroyer

    Does it have summoner stuff?
  6. Zoodletec

    Zoodletec Terrarian

    Not only does it have summoner items/armor but it also has 5 new custom minions to fight with you =]
  7. nealpd

    nealpd Skeletron Prime

    I might have to try the summoner challenge with this then :p
    Sapharan and Zoodletec like this.
  8. TTMo1

    TTMo1 Skeletron Prime

    This is love This is life!

    Is dis mp?
    Zoodletec likes this.
  9. Zero-Exodus

    Zero-Exodus Pixel Pirate

    awesome effort guys! goodjob on the release!

    i'll have to try it when i get the chance
    Sapharan and Zoodletec like this.
  10. Mephisto

    Mephisto The Destroyer

    You bought me. Best mod 2014.
    Sapharan and Zoodletec like this.
  11. Zoodletec

    Zoodletec Terrarian

    It hasn't been MP tested yet just because we don't know the state of tAPI's MP but it will be fully functional in both SP and MP as soon as we can.
  12. Fruitbat

    Fruitbat Terrarian

    10/10 would install when I have a chance.
    jomax23, Ali, Zoodletec and 1 other person like this.
  13. Sonikku

    Sonikku Skeletron

    Will wait until the hardmode stuff is out, but very nice work porting all this to tAPI nevertheless. :p Glad to see this back.
    FrostyTheCold and Sapharan like this.
  14. BaumProductions

    BaumProductions Plantera

    Sweet Jesus!
    I'm downloading as I'm writing this. The tConfig version was incredibly cool already, can't wait to explore the tAPI version and it's evil creatures. :cool:
  15. Matt (DailyHop)

    Matt (DailyHop) Eye of Cthulhu

    :0 Baum! You're here!
  16. nealpd

    nealpd Skeletron Prime

    Just thought i'd point this out, but the Slime armor says it icreases minion damage, not increases.
    Also, when you mine placed ingots from the mod it doesn't drop anything.
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2014
    Zekryr, Sapharan and Fruitbat like this.
  17. Sapharan

    Sapharan Golem

    Thanls for pointing that out, it will be fixed.
  18. Stre

    Stre Terrarian

    "The custom boss progression begins with Demonite Ore" what about crimtante ore ? my world is in crimson and i dont see any new crafting recipes with it...
  19. WavingCookie

    WavingCookie Steampunker

    Zooble, I love you, please show me these sweet coding skills.
    Zoodletec likes this.
  20. xGodzPlayerx

    xGodzPlayerx Steampunker

    i love this mod <3
    Zoodletec and Sapharan like this.