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Xbox One Need friends to play with?

Scrubow Gamer

Official Terrarian
If you need friends to play with on Xbox One, this is the place for you!

1.Put your gamertag
2.If you have wants or needs, or certain rules put them here
3.Post what time you play on

Here is mine:
1.Gt: Haloman7435
2.Please be mature, and stay focused on task
3.I play randomly during the days

Hey just to let everybody know, I have a strict NAT type so I might not be able to connect to everyone. But remember this is not just for me, friend all the other people who post, this is like one of those hubs to meet up with everyone.
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GT is Higgs386. I play at random times. If i could get help getting a crimson key mold, that'd be great.


My Gt is BigTubbyslim. I've beaten bosses up to skeletron and would enjoy playing with someone and taking on the wall of flesh.


Very new player still figuring the game out, if you wanna add me and give me some tips your more than welcome

GT: Cheesey Smeg

Scrubow Gamer

Official Terrarian
Sorry everyone if I have not been playing, it is just that I get caught up on everything else like YouTube, Xbox 360, and other things.


Hey im just looking for ppl to learn the game with i have no mic atm and i dont have a hardmode character yet but if you want to play hardmode ill make one just message me an add
Gt: Diiirty440

Kendrick Lamar

The Destroyer
2.If you have wants or needs, or certain rules put them here
3.British timezones, 4 - 11 schooldays, 0-24 weekends
4. I got a mic


Gt is Calmdawg, just started playing on the one, played on the 360. Looking for people to just explore and progress through the game with! :joy:


Gamertag is Garisaan.

I'm still relatively new, so looking for social and mature players for exploration and fun. I also have a mic.

I play most evenings, Eastern Standard Time.

Im a noob

Gt is Fragz 7o4
New to the game but been playing and searching alot, playing on normal atm but always down to make new characters for hardcore.
I have literally none to play with hahaha, been soloing all my bosses. Add me
Tuesdays and Thursdays ill be on after 5, other than that im play xbox one alot


Hello! I'm 21 from UK, got mic. Could do with a hand with Skeleton Prime, Destroyer and Plantera. Already farmed the crimson key mould so I really want my vampire knives :( also give me a shout if you need help, I can rinse off everything else lol. GT; VAN DENNIS I. Cya soon!
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