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Xbox One Need friends to play with?


Gamertag:SDS Dustin
please have a mic and be mature
would like to make a new world and character and relearn and play the game to end
If you need friends to play with on Xbox One, this is the place for you!

1.Put your gamertag
2.If you have wants or needs, or certain rules put them here
3.Post what time you play on

Here is mine:
1.Gt: Haloman7435
2.Please be mature, and stay focused on task
3.I play randomly during the days

Hey just to let everybody know, I have a strict NAT type so I might not be able to connect to everyone. But remember this is not just for me, friend all the other people who post, this is like one of those hubs to meet up with everyone.
Gamertag: GrimTheReaper8
Add me I'll play


Xbox One GT: UncleRockett
I'm on a lot, so just send me a message. I am certainly armed to the teeth, and ready for any boss.
Feel free to ask for stuff, I don't mind.


Official Terrarian
I got a mic ya'll. If anyone needs help building, farming, ect: just add me. I also share loot so feel free to ask.

Dizzy J

Gt: DarkDevante7109 I'm most likely always playing but I play randomly. Also I have a mic but I don't really use it.


Any one can add me currently in farming a few hard mode items and doing the pumpkin moon and frost moon events for items I can also help with bosses of need be
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