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  1. JuulCollector

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    Hello! I'm currently doing an expert summon playthrough (I'm also using "other" melee weapons such as spears and yo-yos) and I'm at the Wall of Flesh. I've tried a few times today to defeat him but I'm having a lot of trouble. I don't know what's up but I can barely hit him and the hungries further block my progress.

    Here's my gear:
    Bee/molten armor
    Ruthless imp staff
    Cascade (my primary melee weapon), dark lance, flamarang, and sunfury (all reforged to godly)
    Hard frostspark boots (I don't have enough money to get a better reforge)
    Armored band of regeneration
    Warding pink string
    Armored obsidian shield
    Hasty black counterweight

    I have a very long bridge that is about 2/3 the length of the entire world (world size is large) and that is fine. As for my strategy I summon my imp(s) then try to fend of the hungries with my cascade but doing that makes me barely able to hit the WoF himself (I can barely get his health down because of this). I've tried defeating the hungries with my sunfury and dark lance but they require me to get very close and I usually take a lot of damage. I have a lot of healing potions so that's not much of a problem but I don't really have the supplies for buff potions (so far I've only used healing potions because of this and that I don't want to waste good potions on a failed attempt). I really want to make it to hardmode so any help is appreciated and I'll try any methods suggested, just remember I can only use summoning and "other" melee weapons.
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    Try using beenades and a phoenix blaster or minishark with meteor bullets. That'll get past the hungry and hurt the wall itself.
    EDIT: Just saw this was a summoner/melee playthrough. Try repeatedly summoning the imps just below the wall, that'll cause them to shoot up and hit all three parts of it. Also, summoner potions and the bewitching table really help.
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  3. JuulCollector

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    Ok I will try that. I have a bewitching table but no summoning potions so I'll try to get those and some others. I'll let you know how it goes.
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  4. JuulCollector

    JuulCollector Terrarian

    I tried your suggested method out and I'm noticing some good progress. I can get him down to about 3/4 of his total health now but I'm still having some trouble with the hungries because they come off and kill me pretty easily because I'm so focused on summoning. What should I do to avoid that and should I switch my armor from bee to molten?
    Edit: I've been able to bring him down to about half health now with ironskin/endurance/summoning potions but some hungries get loose and kill me. My extra imps help fend them off but they can still be a pain in the :red: to stay away from. What should I do?
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