Adventure Need Ideas for a Map I'm Working on over the Next Summer!


I'm wanting to make a Terraria Adventure map like those mbran139, Noel, and probably the most well-known of all, Baih, have worked on in the past. I'm wanting to use some of the wiring contraptions I have seen from ZeroGravitas. I know, with the lack of experience I have had in map-making, my creation will most likely be terrible compared to what they have made, but I am determined (yeah, yeah insert totally-not-overused Undertale joke here) to make a good, fun map.

With 1.3.1 coming in less than a week, I will wait to actually start working on it until I find out about the new wiring features that have not been released to the public yet (if there are any). But as of now, I am going to be brainstorming, and I'm wanting to focus on the weapon/tool puzzles more than on the parkour elements of the map, as well as what I can possibly do with the new wiring features that we have seen in 1.3.1 so far.

I am open to any weapon/tool suggestions for the puzzles, so please, don't hesitate to fire away! (hehe) And thank you for your time!!
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