Need some help for a melee mod weapon

I'm trying to make a custom weapon to add to tmod, just a scythe nothing new, all the code is correct (I think) and it can work in game, it's just that the weapon is super big. Not sure how to fix that, help is appreciated!

Code for those who need it

using Terraria;
using Terraria.ID;
using Terraria.ModLoader;

namespace Yees.Items
public class multigemscythe : ModItem
public override void SetStaticDefaults()
DisplayName.SetDefault("Multigem Scythe");
Tooltip.SetDefault("A multicolor scythe\n Not much to it");

public override void SetDefaults()
Item.damage = 26;
Item.DamageType = DamageClass.Melee;
Item.width = 40;
Item.height = 40;
Item.useTime = 20;
Item.useAnimation = 20;
Item.useStyle = 1;
Item.knockBack = 6;
Item.value = 10;
Item.rare = 1;
Item.UseSound = SoundID.Item1;
Item.autoReuse = true;
Item.crit = 4;

public override void AddRecipes()
Recipe recipe = CreateRecipe();
recipe.AddIngredient(ItemID.Ruby, 7);
recipe.AddIngredient(ItemID.Sapphire, 7);
recipe.AddIngredient(ItemID.Emerald, 7);
recipe.AddIngredient(ItemID.Amber, 7);
recipe.AddIngredient(ItemID.Topaz, 7);
recipe.AddIngredient(ItemID.StoneBlock, 15);
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If you say that the weapon is big, it has to be something to do with the sprite. Can you send a picture on how it looks in-game?
Okay wait I got the size down with photoshop but now I need to know how I can make the weapon attach to my guys hand
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