Official New 1.3 Spoilers: Enhancing the User Interface

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Illuminati confirmed

Edit: lol can any of you guys see that that's a UFO? :p
I have got those Kind of eyes hehe

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I have decided to take a closer look at the pictures, and circle a for new things. The circles are color coded, and my thoughts on them will be colored in the same fashion.

Spoilers 1.png

There appear to be two new stations. One with masks and a floating book, which is next to a Grindstone. Being next to each other, they could both possibly be related to upgrading weaponry.
We have some new banners, and they are all Aliens and Robot based banners. This could mean that:
A: There will be an alien invasion, similar to the Goblin Army, Frost Legion, and Pirate Invasion.
B: The Lunar event will be another invasion like the Pumpkin/Frost Moon

There are two new types of chests. One seems to be pretty high-tech, which the other almost looks related to the Steampunker. They are slightly higher standing, and allow you to see the tiles behind them.
There appears to be two new kinds of blocks to build with. One that looks like some sort of Space Stone, and the other being Marble. Possibly found mining in new 1.3 worlds, or by other means.
There also looks to be a new space-like furniture set, including Doors, a Light Source, and Platforms as shown by the picture. It appears to share a very similar style to the new blue block, and one of the new Chests. this could mean they are all related in one way or another, possibly through the Lunar aspect, as the stone appears similar to stars.
There is some new strange structure that is 1x2. It looks similar to the Hallowed Chest, so if may be linked to the Hallows in some way. Perhaps it spreads the Hallow? Though, it looks like it could also be related to Skyware, so we will have to wait and see.
There is also a Torch giving off a Pink Light. Pink Slime was mentioned in the past as being something confirmed, so chances are it is created with that.

Edit: What do you know? @Leinfors will be very pleased with this! One the bottom row of banners, there seems to be some "More Variety in Slime Banners".

Edit again: Whoops, it seems I missed some items in the inventory. There is the Meowmer, some sort of cannon/gun, and what almost looks like some sort of skull and hay Voodoo Doll.

Edit...once more: Adding to the space furniture set, there are some hanging lamps at the top of the screen, similar in color to the other pieces in the furniture set.

Spoilers 2.png

Two new items are sold buy the Traveling Merchant. One appears to be futuristic, with a metal frame. While the other appears to be a disk of some sort. It has some blue notches, very similar in color to the ones on the painting's corners, so it is likely they are similar and connect in some way.
The Obelisk Gravestone seems to have gotten a new sprite. It appears next to another grave, so it is the Obelisk. I am sorry if this change already took place, and I am just forgetting.
The new stone mentioned before, Marble, is seen in a great quantity here. Either it was spawned in, or it can be found in abundance in a certain way. Perhaps sold by the Traveling Merchant, mining, or other methods... though, it may have been spawned in. That 998 Platinum makes me suspicious ;)
There is a large vine going downwards with a notch at the top, meaning it is a rope. The leaves on the side prove it is not a painted rope, and being next to platforms going up show that is is a means of transportation.
There is a new savings tab, with a Piggy Bank next to it. This could easily mean that coins in a Piggy Bank will show up when shopping with an NPC.
The "item favorite" feature is shown here, along with a new Rainbow item. This could possibly be Rainbow Gel, replacing Rainbow Bricks as the Rainbow Slime drop. Which would also mean that more rainbow things are planned, most likely just decoration not made with just bricks. Or, it could be something totally different.
New Platforms that appear to be made of Marble. There were also new platforms shown in the first spoiler, made out of the new space looking stone.
Finally, there appears to be a new light source that almost looks like a chalice. I am not sure how they would be made, but there are hanging lamps as well. They are a different color, looking more similar to Marble. They are either painted, the two lamps shown are from different sets, or they are from the same set but both are colored differently.

Those are what I could spot, and these are my thoughts on them. I hope this has helped/given some good detail!
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Why is everyone doing this spoiler analysing thing and just repeating everything that has already been said? Kind of redundant.


I never liked the PC UI and mouse controls. Tried it a few times but quit after a few minutes. Improved UI is a good thing. Maybe I will try it on PC again. :)

But controller support would be nice!


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There are also little switches on the bottoms of them that have a middle, left, and right state. These aren't animated in the OP, so this could hold some sort of significance.

Look more closely. That's a hole at the bottom of the chest allowing you to see the wall tiles behind it.


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I understand that 1.3 is going to be huge, is morally important but other than seeing 1.3 spoilers, which great work you all have done, is to see any updates one the mac/linux development, so far, all i know is that its supposed to come out by 1.3 to let mac players experience the update... other than that ad the forum for it, there hasnt been much said. Great Work though, Congratz for Amazon players :D

Afraid it really is that simple - the PLAN is to launch Mac/Linux in parallel with 1.3 (and at version 1.3). Now, things can occur to change that...but that is the plan. So, once there is a 1.3 date (there isn't for those asking), you will have a de facto Mac/Linux date. ;)

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PINK TEAM! :joy:
oh, this update is gonna be amazing!
Will the good old corruption receive a little bit of attention, too? ;(

I don't really think there's much to build off of the corruption at this point, to be honest. I would say that's pretty much complete. Maybe a few things here and there though.
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