New 200 Angler Quests Guide (1.4.2)

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This strategy is very simple, there's just a few things needed:
- The Angler NPC
- A fishing rod and bait (Golden rod and master bait are recommended)
- A piggy bank or money trough

First, find out which is your quest fish with the angler. I recommend doing this at 4:30 AM (in game) so you have more time to fish.

Then, go fish for it. Take your piggy bank or money trough and deposit the quest fish in there immediately after catching it, then resume fishing and repeat the process. Note that if you have the fish in your inventory, you won't be able to get it again, but there's no issue if it's on the piggy bank. I recommend using sonar potions so you only get the fish you want.

You'll want to stop fishing when you fill up the piggy bank, since you won't be able to catch anymore fish after that. Also keep an eye on the in game time, as the angler quest changes at 4:30 AM, so it might be safer to stop fishing at around 2 AM

After that, head back to the Angler, give him a fish and set your spawnpoint near him. Then return to title screen.

Go to the player selection screen and then change the name of the character you were using.

After changing your character's name, enter the same world again. You will be able to deliver another fish. Return to the title screen and rename tha character yet another time, then reenter the world to deliver another fish. Repeat the process until all your fish are gone. After doing this around 8 times you should have the achievement. Note that you can't use the same name more than once to deliver a fish.

This is my first post here, so if I did something wrong, please let me know.
So it got better with the name change system, i just have to delete my 39 characters from the old strategy if this new thing still works, thank you very much
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