New Accessory: Levitator


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Introducing the Levitator! This accessory would allow solid blocks to be placed in midair! Perfect for just about any building project!

Now you might be thinking, Why not just use an Ice Rod and add blocks to the ice block? Or build a pillar of blocks from the surface? Or even find a floating island and build from there? But ask yourself, why not have an accessory at some point that makes this more convenient?

Now you might wonder how you would acquire such an accessory. To be honest, I'm still up in the air (lol) about that.

As always, everything is open for discussion!


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Extendo Grip needs more tinkers... oh, hello there. This would be useful at least some of the time, or at least more useful than some existing accessories. It's tinkering that will really bring things together, though.
I hadn't thought of that, but it would go well with the Extendo Grip. Great idea!


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I would suggest that it would be bought from the Goblin Tinkerer, for 5 Gold. I would love to see it in the game. Now it's easier to make my own artificial sky islands :3



I would suggest that it would be bought from the Goblin Tinkerer, for 5 Gold.
Too cheap. Even Ice Rod costs 1 Platinum. This thing can be even more convenient than that.

This is indeed an excellent idea. I really do hope something like this will be added.


This is excellent.

I do think it should be bought from the Goblin Tinkerer. How about for 1 and a half platinum once the Wizard is there.


I thought this was going to be about the player being able to levitate, but it's not.
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I think it should be Mech tier, and also the ice rod should be reduced in price. It is not that great in the first place, but the price makes it almost unwanted. It should be lowered to 50 gold at least. Anyway, with regards to teh levitator, i think it should be crafted from 20 clouds, 10 sunplate blocks, 15 cogs, 2 gravitation potions and 10 hallowed bars.


Eye of Cthulhu
I think it should be sold from the Steampunker for 1 platinum (i know the ice rod costs the same but the ice rod is able to do other things)


Support! I fall in with those that think it should involve the extendo grip. Perhaps crafting using the Extendo Grip and Ectoplasm?


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Here's an idea for how it could look, but it needs to be sprited. The front view could be located where the grabber is on the Extendo Grip. What do you think?
Levitator Color.PNG Levitator Front.PNG
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