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New Enemy Ideas!!


I have a list of Enemies i have thought of for a couple biomes! im pretty busy (or just lazy xD ) atm to draw them so i have descriptions of them. this is assuming there is a hardmode

Purity (Forest)

Coyote (hardmode) - Spawns in dense tree areas in hardmode, runs fast and jumps at player. rare in undense areas, common in densely wooded areas (same rarity as possessed armor)

Hive - broken by jumping into it or cutting down a tree with one in it. spawns bees that attack player, bees will die after one sting :( . uncommon

Jumping Spider - spawns during day time only and moves by jumping quickly. Can also rarely spawn near npcs.

Stray Dog (hardmode) - spawns rarely in day and commonly at night. growls off screen and runs in at player, when gets near enough, dashes through player (like sheild of eye of cthulu) multiple times for high damage. can be tamed by using monster taming skills and become a defence pet (will defend your home).

Artic/Snow biome

Reindeer/Moose (hardmode) - runs into player at high speeds and when reaches player, rapidly rams antlers into player at about 2.5 times a second.

Snowman - launches 5 snowballs at a player, stationary.

Flurry - deals no damage but blows player far backwards if player gets close enough. looks like a cloud with lips. uncommon


Rotting Rat (hardmode) - Really fast moving large mutated rat. bites player at fast speeds and inflics weak. can climb up chasm walls and can chew through natural underground blocks (stone, dirt ect.)

Bumfly - flies around at average speeds, large in size despite being a fly. deals average damage by spitting out corrupted balls and ramming into player.

Ebongrip (super rare pre-hardmode, common in hardmode) - spawns inside the ground, reaches out instantly when player is in range and latches on the player for a few seconds, immobilizing the player and draining players health while healing itself. causes darkness in hardmode.

Mutated Charger - Always spawns offscreen, runs at player at super fast speeds ( a bit faster than unicorn ) and once gets close enough to player will stop for a bit to prepare (about .5 second) and then explodes for super high damage. will not drop anything unless player uses weapon to kill it.


Bloodyfly - a weird looking butterfly that flies erraicly and rams into player

Crimthing - a half submerged body that is in the ground. it crawls slowly through the
ground with the top half of its body exposed and throws balls of crimson thingies at player.

goreworm (hardmode) - does not go underground despite being a worm. raps through player for damage. moves slowly

Blood maggot - spawns in large packs and tend to surround player. deal high damage as a group.

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