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New item: Frosty Bow!


This Frosty bow makes wooden arrows into arrows that can slow do enemies.
Frosty Bow:
20 damage
5 knockback
Orange rarity
10 Velocity
sell for 2 gold

You can craft this Frosty bow with 10 ice blocks, a wooden bow, and 4 ice torches. You can get this bow in easy mode. The best modifier godly.


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I like the idea, but one or two things struck me right off the bat.
First, the sell price. Decrease it to about 60 copper. Adding up the sell prices of the materials, you come up with 68 copper, so this you cannot make a profit.
Also, maybe the arrows could be called something like Chill Arrows (I suck at names, other than my one good name, Fractured Moonbeast).
Overall, though, I like this idea!


Dungeon Spirit
It's not bad but its very op. Tone down the damage and rarity.

Speaking of rarity I'm actually wondering why you put it in for "late pre-hardmode" when it uses such simple crafting components.
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Eye of Cthulhu
Like others said, it's a bit OP. Further more the idea is good, except for the fact that since it is an ranged weapon, the best modifier would probably be Unreal.
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