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tModLoader New Katana mod


This mod is a 1.3.8 port of the more katanas mod. I am currently working on bringing the mod to 1.4. This page is for mod balance, item, and npc suggestions. If you make a request you must include one of the following: a picture of what you want, a description, or if it is a reference the piece of media it is from. I am currently working on adding more element based katanas, more hell based items, a gun, and a revamp of the swing systems to fit more the way a typical katana would be used.


ayo i got 2 new possible sword ideas, both from One Piece

The Yoru (strongest of these 2 swords)

Three Sword Style (going off of the english name for simplicity sake)

to see these implemented would honestly be really cool (even if the yoru isn't technically a katana)
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