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So I changed my life/mana bar style to classic, and upon exiting and relaunching the game and loading a world, the bars have reverted to the fancy style. Not sure if this has already been reported or not, and I didn't want to sift through a bunch of reports lol. This is on
This sounds new to me.

Did the change happen between and Or is it happening repeatedly on

Edit: On my end, I'm not able to get it to reset to Fancy. Fancy IS the default, so if the config file is reset, it would set it back to Fancy.
That's strange... I get it to happen every single time I restart the game. It happened even on, maybe my config file is corrupting or something, dunno.
With a fresh config, if you start reproducing it again, do let me know. I couldn't get it to happen on my end, but it could be something to look into!
It would be good to get instructions on how to reproduce the issue, if possible. We don't want people to have to reset their settings every time they play, but we can't cause it on our end, so its difficult to track down.
Last time I played was last night and all I did when I logged off was save and quit my world and exit the game. I log back on today and the fancy hearts & mana are changed as well as my mini-map.
I've had this issue a couple of times, I didn't check but it could have been each time one of the hotfixes was released and I updated my game.
I know the hotfixes are resetting settings, but we are having a hard time tracking it down, but its definitely on our agenda!
Hopefully the following can give some insight:

In the config.json settings, I checked before logging into the game, and the PlayerResourcesSet (which I presume is the setting that this is dependent on) was the following:
  "PlayerResourcesSet": "HorizontalBars"
Which means that my mana/hearts was set on the "bars" mode. However, upon loading up the game and logging onto the game, and specifically into a character/world set on Journey Mode, it was reverted back to fancy, and the setting changed to the following:
  "PlayerResourcesSet": "new"
As such, I changed the setting back to the "bars" setting. This made the PlayerResourcesSet go back to the HorizontalBars setting in config.json. Upon further testing, logging in and out of the world (without closing the game itself) kept the PlayerResourcesSet constant, so that the bars were still present upon loading up the same world. The same happens after closing the game out completely. It is also the same when I completely close steam and then launch Terraria.

So, I'm thinking - if it doesn't occur under any of these circumstances, what did lead to it occurring? A few thoughts come to mind - namely, this was the first time I had booted up Terraria for the day (or, in fact, in several days), and as such is the first time the game has been loaded since has been released, somewhat reinforcing Leinfors' assertion that it's due to hotfixes resetting the settings (though that still begs the question to me of why it changed upon startup of the game itself, or perhaps in the login - I have Terraria set to auto-update, so the update shouldn't have been enforced as soon as the game loaded; additionally, I seem to remember that the same issue occurred without an update occurring, though it's impossible to double-check that now - I definitely played several times in between the release of and, assuming the Wiki's release dates are correct, and I seem to remember the same issue occurring then).

With all this in mind, I'm going to try and restart my computer to see if the same issue happens - I'll edit the post once this has been done to say whether it actually affected it. If not, I have no clue, but hopefully, this information can help the development team figure out the source of the issue.

Cheers! Be back within an hour with an update on how restarting my computer worked.
Well, I know that the 1.4 release was SUPPOSED to set some settings to a pre-selected value.

The issue is, it was supposed to say "Okay, has this run on 1.4 before? If not, then update to 1.4 and set to these values".

But it appears to be detecting valid 1.4 configs and doing it to them. The question is why, and that is what we are looking into.

Your config details may help, so thanks for the info, I'll log that!
I see you already saw this so I'll just post a new post to ensure it's seen:

Computer restart didn't trigger the issue, so the only thing I can't recreate for certain is the update --

But it looks like you already figured that out, I just figured I might try and give as detailed of a post from what's occurring on my end.
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