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We know that in Terraria we have two musical weapons : the harp and the axe , but what if we introduced something new ? My idea is to introduce the "Kaser" ,a weapon from Regular Show episode "But I have a receipt" , it's a keyboard guitar that shoots lasers , it' will be a nice magic weapon that shots red laser beams similar to laser rifle but shoots a bit faster (8 speed) and deals a good amount of damage : 55 damage , while you shot it , it will produce music or keyboard /electrical guitar sounds . I don't know of how to introduce it tho so if you read this you can add your ideas aswell ! Second idea is cyborg cowboy set , an armor set which grants the user the ability to shot continuously with the Kaser with 0 mana consume ,with a armor defense of 25 which grants you bonuses to magic and range ( since cyborgs are good with range weapons aswell ) . The armor should look like Pop's outfit in that episode .
Some pictures for the idea : https://imgur.com/a/bjBDa and some video footage :
. It would be a nice reference for us Regular Show fans , at least for me .

Weapon stats
Damage 55 (Magic)
2.0 (Very Weak)
Critical chance 5%
Use time 8 (Very Fast)

Cowboy Cyborg Mask: 8 Defense .
Bonus 15% increased magic and range damage .

Bonus Increases maximum mana by 80 .

Bonus Increases magic by 6% .

Set bonus : Kaser uses 0 mana and the cyborg eye shines .

This idea is more of a hardmode variant to the meteor armor and laser rifle .
Kaser is a portmanteau of laser keyboard guitar .
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The Axe is already a guitar (or bass or whatever) do we really need another? I'd rather see a laser violin or tuba or something goofy like that.
I searched it online and it seems it was originally from Spongebob and the movie was released in 2004 , while the episode from regular show was released in 2011 but I didn't watched any spongebob ( except ww2 memes) so yeah . Meanwhile Regular Show touched me more since I watched for a long time and developed a love towards it . Although the episode itself isn't the most iconic episode from the show , the weapon itself always seemed cool , so for me it would be better .
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