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New Patch for Terraria on Nintendo Switch Launches Monday, July 15th!

Discussion in 'Console - 505 Games/Pipeworks Studio' started by Loki, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. Naeso

    Naeso Terrarian

    I wonder, I don't see anything about the freezes the game have when autosaving. It's my greatest pain.
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  2. Rosterdam

    Rosterdam Terrarian

    Imp staff and magic lantern fix pleaseeeeee
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  3. Unit One

    Unit One Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    @Imatron and @Caradog, if your game UI extends past your tv screen when your Switch is docked you can fix it in Switch. Thanks to @KW900 for first sharing this solution.
    1. Go to the Switch main menu
    2. Choose System Settings
    3. TV Settings
    4. Adjust Screen Size

    PS4 and Switch have built in settings to fix this. It’s just XBox One that doesn’t have it.
  4. SlipperyShotgun

    SlipperyShotgun Terrarian

    Wow the last time I logged off I had ALL 3 crash symptoms on my Switch! I didn’t even realize! Thank you!
  5. Imatron

    Imatron Terrarian

    Thanks for taking the time not only to answer this here, but to send it to me in a private message to make it easier for me to spot.

    Looks like this was the problem, and changing it to 96% got me the full screen back. Though with all the settings on these devices maybe theres more than one solution, so Ill probably tinker and see if I can fix a setting on the TV and put it back to 100% on the switch without the cutoff, in case fixing it on the TV first improves the image quality.

    Thank you everyone!

    Yeah, they are irritating, and it seems to get worse during hard mode. I guess the faster corruption spread rate creates more data to quantify and write. It seems to have tapered off a bit since the spreadable blocks ran out of stuff to spread to. Either I'm used to it now or the game runs smoothly enough otherwise that I can't really seem to get irked too much by it.

    The Vita edition at the end of it's lifespan though, seemed to stop for half a second every 7 seconds of play time, not even to save. That got so bad I had to stop playing it, and it was really the only reason my Vita still had any use since by then. That was about when Sony abandoned the console and would rather blame the smartphone market than fix the real problems with the machine.
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  6. Donnely

    Donnely Terrarian

    yeeeaaah new patch for the switch version, so far i am loving the game.
    thanks for making this game happen on the switch
  7. Shadow07

    Shadow07 Terrarian

    Thank you you very much quick on it always good. Plus I have over 50hours on it so it would be disappointing If I lost it all I was so angry when building I went to get spagettie and I logged out and I just didn't load also if anyones a good builder and would help me build plz message me

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  8. K1ngsl1me

    K1ngsl1me Terrarian

    I found that if you turn autosave off, it stops the freezing issue. Just remember to save and quit or enable before turning your switch off.
  9. Naeso

    Naeso Terrarian

    I don't recall seeing any feature like this.

    EDIT : found the option.
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  10. opie

    opie Terrarian

    This patch seems to hav ethe auto save pauses fixed. at least from what i can tell. i just fought through a blood moon and 2 pirate invasions and I can only recall one short (less than a second) hitch during an autosave.
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  11. Mighow

    Mighow Terrarian

    Thx for Fix ! <3
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  12. Hubble19

    Hubble19 Terrarian

    There is a glitch i see they didn't get. When fighting the eater of worlds, sometimes a tail segment is just randomly floating, and when killed brings out another of the boss.
  13. robotzurg

    robotzurg Terrarian

    I'm thankful for the patch, but things are NOT better Multiplayer wise. I was playing on my friends world through online multiplayer, and about 60% of the time when auto save happened, I would STILL get kicked. However, this is not the worst of this. When I rejoined, my ENTIRE ores and bars chest was gone. Completely disappeared. We lost dozens of gems and bars, pretty much only had hellstone left that was in my inventory and that's it. Not to mention, the bug where your map disappears every time you rejoin is still not fixed. I'm really happy the switch version is out, I really am, but multiplayer is near unplayable if it's going to keep being like this. I've reported all 3 of the bugs a couple times, but I still haven't heard from anyone if they're even working on it.

    Sorry for the ranty post, I'm just really annoyed about it all. Singleplayer is great at least.
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  14. ClearConscious

    ClearConscious Community Manager Staff Member Pipeworks Studio

    Please take the time to submit a bug report here: Terraria: Console & Mobile Bug Form Thanks!
  15. thatmagicstore

    thatmagicstore Official Terrarian

    That image makes me rethink my walling structures and builds.
  16. KW900

    KW900 Terrarian

    I'm stuck at work and I know this patch is out and the suspense is killing me. I sunk 50+ hours into my world and I finally decided to make a training dummy once I started hard mode and almost cried when I was no longer able to access that world. Tbh though, I started a new world and probably wont be going back to the first one unless it's to move my items around lol. Terraria is one game where everytime I make a new world I have to build a fortress better then the prior worlds (it's addictive.)

    Just throwing it out there, you guys are on fire when it comes to rolling out patches and content.
  17. robotzurg

    robotzurg Terrarian

    Like I said, I have already. I pretty much just want to know if it's going to be fixed or not, because I noticed a thread on here about the map bug being a problem on PS4, and that post was from December of last year, meaning it hasn't been fixed for nearly 7 months now and is still an issue on Switch...
  18. OmegaFire780

    OmegaFire780 Terrarian

    Is the slimy saddle hitbox fixed?
  19. Stripedkitty

    Stripedkitty Terrarian

    So they didn’t fix the Medusa glitch I updated the game and 10 mins in I’m a statue glad I kept the lava pit in one of my worlds
  20. Leoloop

    Leoloop Terrarian

    hype about split screen coming out, was hype when I saw it say 2 player local co-op but it wasn't released yet D: looking forward to it regardless <3 <3 xoxo