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New Patch for Terraria on Nintendo Switch Launches Monday, July 15th!

Discussion in 'Console - 505 Games/Pipeworks Studio' started by Loki, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. XxGameBeastX

    XxGameBeastX Terrarian

    Yes it's fixed my biggest problem which was where the game would freeze it was getting annoying but I still enjoyed the game and now I can even more
  2. GalaxyShard

    GalaxyShard Terrarian

    oh great so that means screwed

    why would you just shutdown your device without saving anything, even with autosave
  3. tallnecked

    tallnecked Terrarian

  4. ZeRo SilverSky

    ZeRo SilverSky Terrarian

    It appears the 'hanging at settling liquids' is still present for me. Still loads eventually, so not a big deal. Just takes a few minutes. Only happens on my main world.
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  5. Just hoping that they fix the new or old bubble block glitch i just found.;(
  6. WhiteLotus

    WhiteLotus Terrarian

    I like the game a lot, this is my first time playing it. There is so much to do.

    I’m using the Nintendo switch version. What I really really want is for you to add inventory/UI size options, or just please make the inventory and UI bigger. When I play in docked mode it is so hard to read and identify items in my inventory. This would be so much easier if inventory and crafting could be full screen in docked mode. The UI is already transparent, so having the inventory go full screen and increasing the size of the items and text would make this game perfect. That is my only complaint, but I have to admit this is something that really bothers me when playing. I have to get really close to the tv just to identify several of the items I have. Only an issue in docked mode I believe. The size would help a lot, and possibly the option to change how transparent the inventory is. You can change UI transparency but it doesn’t change the inventory transparency. I would play this game so much more if this could be changed.
  7. Termina Moon

    Termina Moon Terrarian

    Online multiplayer is broken. Even with the patch.
  8. ClearConscious

    ClearConscious Community Manager Staff Member Pipeworks Studio

    Could you be more specific? What types of issues are you encountering. We haven't seen a lot of these reports. Thanks!
  9. Termina Moon

    Termina Moon Terrarian

    You will be disconnected. Usually within 5 - 10 minutes. It just simply doesn't work. My girlfriend and I each have our own Switch consoles and we have this issue. We also have this issue when we connect to our friend (not on the same network as us). We've each tried to host our own worlds. Same result.
  10. Flow__________

    Flow__________ Terrarian

    It is good that there are bug patches on the switch but tbh I think the dupe glitch should stay on pc terraria at least so people can still do speedruns even though its a glitch
  11. JesKlas

    JesKlas Terrarian

    Beautiful work with the switch version, I’ve beaten the moon lord about 10 times grinding for every piece of endgame gear. Everything works as expected with one exception; the life regeneration buff received from the nebula armour seems to be broken/non-functional. I have submitted a report, but I’m wondering if anyone else is also experiencing this issue. Again, excellent work in the port! Love everything you guys do :)
  12. Unit One

    Unit One Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Hi @JesKlas, I’ve seen others mention not receiving the proper nebula armor bonuses so I don’t think you’re alone. Great news that you were able to send in a bug report for that. For others stopping by and reading, here’s where to send Bug Reports straight to the development team: Terraria: Console & Mobile Bug Form
  13. SioN_510N

    SioN_510N Terrarian

    so reading the fixed bugs they didnt fix the super broken "use potions without getting potion sickness" glitch or am i just blind
  14. Armando_1837

    Armando_1837 Terrarian

    Nice, I still wonder if split screen will be available for Terraria Nintendo Switch version.
  15. Düsseldorf

    Düsseldorf Plantera

    "I built the eye to destroy the eye."
    - Loki or whoever built that arena​
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  16. The Steampunk

    The Steampunk Eye of Cthulhu

    Yay for Pipeworks!!!
  17. XiaoXian10010

    XiaoXian10010 Terrarian

    Need Chinese !
  18. Thumb.sc

    Thumb.sc Terrarian

    Please add auto aim or fix the aiming controls, it's almost impossible to play with ranged weapons
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    Please fix the aim!!!
  19. Nsk1341

    Nsk1341 Terrarian

    So...still no local co-op? I bought this to play with my wife and was surprised to discover that unlike other versions of this game there was no local co-op. Is there any idea when this might happen? I'm frustrated...guess I should research these things before buying.
  20. FuzzyPanda629

    FuzzyPanda629 Steampunker

    Little late on this but why so many heart lanterns and not max life