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PC New Prefixes

Discussion in 'Game Mechanics' started by neoselket, Jan 28, 2015.

  1. neoselket

    neoselket Ice Queen

    the prefixes in terraria are good, but i think they have room for improvement. first off, i would change the extra melee speed to extra attack speed, so rangers, summoners, and mages can benefit. i also have a list of completely new prefixes.

    battle ready: +2 defense and damage
    dangerous: +2 defense and attack speed
    frenzying: +2 damage and attack speed
    prudent: +2 defense and movement speed
    quick: +2 damage and movement speed
    agile: +2 attack and movement speed
    furious: +5 damage
    shielding: +5 defense
    lightning-fast: +5 movement speed
    rapid: +5 attack speed
    deadly: +5 critical strike chance
    creative: +2 defense and critical stike chance
    bloodthirsty: +2 damage and critical strike chance
    accurate: +2 movement speed and critical strike chance
    storming: +2 attack speed and critical strike chance
    strong: +1 knockback
    forceful: +2 knockback
    depulsing: +3 knockback
    banishing: +4 knockback
    hard-hitting: +2 knockback and critical strike chance
    brave: +2 knockback and damage
    slamming: +2 knockback and attack speed
    defending: +2 knockback and defense
    +2 knockback and movement speed
    enchanted: +40 mana
    vulnerable: -2 defense
    cowardly: -2 defense, -2% damage and +5% movement speed
    heavy: -2% movement speed
    berserking: +6% damage and -5 defense
    cautious: +6 defense and -4% damage
    cursed: -4% damage, movement and attack speed, -4 defense
    celestial: +6% melee and movement speed, damage, and +6 defense(1 in 200 chance to get)
    magical: +60 mana and -2 defense
    obedient: +1 minion

    these would add more variety, and give more gameplay option, such as high defense, low damage, low defense, high damage, etc.

    also, people have mentioned that it would make the goblin tinkerer more annoying, so i have a way to fix that: the goblin tinkerer would have an option to either get a higher probability of a mixed prefix, or one that just affects one stat.
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  2. MegaMage314

    MegaMage314 Plantera

    I'm guessing these would be for accesories? If so, then some of them might be a bit overpowered, and there's a reason accessories don't have negative modifiers.
  3. TheQuietBisharp

    TheQuietBisharp Official Terrarian

    I feel like this would make the Goblin more hated than ever. Also Wall of Text. Maybe reduce Goblin's prices?
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  4. LoveSpreader

    LoveSpreader Terrarian

    Accessories having negative prefixes = more annoyance for reforging, so no thanks.

    Mixed stats like +2 and +2 of something is pointless as well, seeing as you can already mix and match with 5 accessories.

    Also, I am not too certain of +5% ones. They might not seem much, but taken together, I think it's bound to ruin certain balance.
  5. neoselket

    neoselket Ice Queen

    megamage: yes, these are for accessories. and weapons already have negative prefixes, this just extends it. right now, having any sort of prefix on an accessory makes it better than a normal one, and the negative prefixes balance out the better ones. also, if you have +5 damage on all your accessories, you only get a 5% damage boost from +4, which is the current max, so i dont see how that would be OP. we already have stuff that's OP, and the lunar update is going to be pretty hard, so some of these things might not even help much at all.

    bisharp: the reforge price has already been lowered in 1.2.3, and even before that, i often had several platinum left over from reforging my stuff. although i can see how it might be annoying to try for a certain prefix.

    freenight: the mixed stats are good if you want 1 accessory that you use all the time, like wings, to provide defense and damage, instead of having to get 2 wings, one with warding and one with menacing, you could balance it. with me, i usually have all my accessories reforged to warding, but when i do moon events, i need to use menacing, but i cant always get 2 sets of accessories, one with warding and one with menacing, because that would require 2 spooky wings/hoverboards, 2 ankh shields, 2 charm of myths, 2 destroyer emblems, etc. and as for the +5 ones, it wouldn't be that bad, as 5 warding accessories vs. 5 shielding accessories gives +25 defense(warding) or 30 defense(shielding), for a total of 13 less damage taken for warding, and 15 less damage taken for shielding, so that's just -2 damage taken, and it would be harder to get for all 5 accessories.
  6. MegaMage314

    MegaMage314 Plantera

    The reason accessories don't have negative prefixes is because it could make that accessory a burden rather then a benefit. Even if a weapon has a terrible modifier, it's still a weapon and it can still be used to kill enemies. accessories on the other hand are supposed to benefit the player, and it doesn't make sense for something like that to make you weaker from using it. In the case of some early-game accessories that only give small stat boosts, having a negative modifier can make the accessory completely useless, such as a vulnerable shackle that takes away 1 defense when you equip it. Also, one thing I always liked about accessory prefixes is there isn't one definitive prefix that outshines all the others.
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  7. neoselket

    neoselket Ice Queen

    "The reason accessories don't have negative prefixes is because it could make that accessory a burden rather then a benefit. Even if a weapon has a terrible modifier, it's still a weapon and it can still be used to kill enemies."

    if you get a broken night's edge, it might be better to use a blade of grass or something that would usually be weaker, and if you get, say, a shackle that has -2 movement speed, you might be willing to sacrifice the movement speed for defense. or if you have a legendary silver broadsword, and you get a weak bone sword, despite (usually) being a step up from the ore swords, the silver sword would be better, due to the reforge.

    "one thing I always liked about accessory prefixes is there isn't one definitive prefix that outshines all the others."

    this doesn't really change that, you can use +5 defense or +5 damage, neither one is "better". you also might prefer one that gives +2 damage and defense, or something like that, so there isn't really a "best" reforge except for celestial, which is really rare and not worth the money you would need to spend to get it.
  8. LoveSpreader

    LoveSpreader Terrarian

    The thing is, nothing is restricting you from having a mix of menacing/warding/lucky for events. You don't have to go full menacing/warding, when you can just have two of each and one of the other. Adding the +2 +2 is just adding more randomness to stop people from going full [insert preferred prefix].
  9. neoselket

    neoselket Ice Queen

    "nothing is restricting you from having a mix of menacing/warding/lucky for events."

    ok, imagine you have a set of accessories that are neccessary enough for pretty much all of your gameplay. say, an ankh shield, spooky wings, a frozen turtle shell, a destroyer emblem, and a lava charm. these are good enough for events, but when you're just wandering around the world, you want all to be warding, but in an event, like a pumpkin moon, you want all of them to be menacing. that would require you to make another of each of these, so you would need another ankh shield(which is VERY hard to get), another spooky wings, another turtle shell, another emblem(which is pretty hard to get too), and another lava charm. THEN you would need to reforge them all to menacing, which would take a lot of time and coins, and all this just to switch your combat style. with the +2 +2 prefixes, you could just reforge all of them to that and not have to worry about changing your gear every time you do an event, like i do. if, as you say, you just reforged some of them to menacing and some to warding, it would be uneven, and you would waste some. like this:

    acc = accessory

    acc 1 warding
    acc 2 warding
    acc 3 warding
    acc 4 menacing
    acc 5 menacing

    you would only get +8 damage and +12 defense, but to make it even you would need +9 defense and damage, because you have an uneven number of accessory slots.
  10. LoveSpreader

    LoveSpreader Terrarian

    A difference of 2 defense = a difference of 1 damage being done to you. Not much at all.

    A difference of +2% damage, might not even be an increase of 1 base damage.

    No, I won't accept the argument of the unevenness of accessories for a difference of mere 1 damage nullification or of not even a 1 damage increase, because it doesn't matter throughout most of the game.

    The defense bit is because most of the time in your progression, enemies will be dealing upwards of 20~30 damage per hit, and 1 more damage doesn't affect your health pool one way or the other except in extreme situations of being left with 1 hp.

    The offense because there's no use in having +2% when it comes down to less than one damage increase.
  11. YellowAfterlife

    YellowAfterlife Official Terrarian

    Non-percentage damage modifiers are probably a bad idea - you could pick any item with insane attack speed (e.g. Golden Shower, or one of faster melee weapons) and stack five of +5 damage items. If the item of interest originally deals less than 25 damage, the total bonus would be above 100%. I would imagine that this is why no standard items (apart of arrows) give direct damage boosts.
  12. Axios

    Axios The Destroyer

    I use this setup;

    Accessory1: Menacing
    Accessory2: Menacing
    Accessory3: the +4% movement speed one
    Accessory4: Warding
    Accessory5: Warding

    And I'm good to go for (so far) anything I come up against. So I really don't see a pont in this.
  13. neoselket

    neoselket Ice Queen

    they actually are percentage based, i just didn't put that in, i figured people would know that. also, +4 defense on 5 accessories doesn't give much, just 20 extra defense, while +5 defense would give 25 extra defense, combined with items like the ankh shield that give extra defense on their own, the damage decrease could be pretty substantial.
    i use different accessories for events and bosses than i use for normal exploring, for exploring i do warding, but for events i use menacing. also, i usually use defensive items for normal exploring and offensive for events/bosses, for example, my preferred accessories:

    normal exploring:

    warding ankh shield
    warding charm of myths
    warding spooky wings
    warding frozen turtle shell
    warding cross necklace


    menacing destroyer emblem
    menacing warrior emblem
    menacing spooky wings
    menacing ankh shield
    menacing avenger emblem

    however, i would have to get 2 wings and 2 shields, one set with warding and the other with menacing to do that, or reforge them each time i want to do something different. i often switch out accessories for only about a minute at a time, because im in a place that requires it, such as the lava charm. so if i get a menacing lava charm and a warding ankh shield, i have to use the lava charm for the events, and the shield for exploring, but i wouldn't get the knockback resistance of the shield. however, if i had +2 defense and +2% damage, it would be well-balanced enough so if i equip something else i need for events, i wouldn't lose 4 whole attack or defense points, just 2 of each. so there's much pont to this.
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  14. iKirbyGaming

    iKirbyGaming Golem

    Obedient, wow! These are some amazing ideas! Great job!
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