Mobile New settings for gun controls in Terraria Mobile


So I would just like to suggest to add a setting where players can have a joystick for a gun with feature like in mini militia.


The gun will only shoot of the joystick is on the edge of its port itself(That funny little circle around this circle🔴, I am pointing out that it will only shoot if it is on the edge of this circle ⭕).
As long as that inner circle is not yet reaching that outer circle it wont shoot but still the gun will aim on that direction.

So that Aiming would be more efficient and wont cause unwanted ammo loss during fights.

Why wont use auto aim?
It is annoying sometimes specially when there a lot of enemies. If you set prioritize nearest it will aim mobs that is obstruted by a wall cause it is nearer, if you set prioritize line of sight the nearest enemies wont be accommodated unless you kill that target far from you.

Why don't just tap the screen?
It is obstructing the view making the shooting less accurate.
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