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New Terraria Console & Controller Skin Design Available

Discussion in 'Community News & Features' started by Loki, Aug 31, 2018.

  1. Loki

    Loki Consigliere Staff Member Re-Logic Administrator

    Good afternoon, Terrarians!

    As you may recall, our friends at Elite Gaming Gear launched a set of Terraria console skins and Terraria controller skins for PS4 and XB1 earlier this year.

    You can check out those details here: Terraria Console & Controller Skins original announcement

    Heading into the back half of the year, they are releasing a brand new series of Terraria console and controller skins - this time based on the iconic endgame Lunar Events and everyone's favorite endgame gear! Check out how amazing these look below - and if you want to pick up a Terraria Console or Controller skin of your own, simply click the image and you will be taken right to the store page.

    PS4 Lunar Controller TCF.PNG XB1 Lunar Controller TCF.PNG


    You can check out the full line of Terraria Console and Controller skins by clicking the link below.

    Last edited: Aug 31, 2018
  2. Permalogia

    Permalogia Terrarian

    Wow! that Controller Skin looks awesome, i would love to buy one so nice.
  3. Xiarno

    Xiarno Official Terrarian

    Look nice !
    But... Is the Kinect really useful to do ?
    I mean, it been discontinued.
  4. Cyastic

    Cyastic Golem

    These designs are gorgeous! Especially the controllers. :passionate:
  5. TUMM11

    TUMM11 Plantera

    I might actually get this. Thanks!
  6. Yello_X

    Yello_X Plantera

    I love the skins but I don't use consoles anymore :(
    Hopefully there'll be Terraria casings for phones and stuffs :dryadgrin:
  7. Super Shides

    Super Shides Skeletron Prime

    3 Things: 1. Are These Available For PS4 Slim And Pro?
    2. Can I Buy These In A Store?
    And 3...
    I :red:ING WANT THIS!
  8. RoM

    RoM Terrarian

    Wonderfull stuff! I'm playing on PC, but it is realy cool and estatic.

    But guys, please, say a word about 1.3.6?
    We are waiting it for so long! I'm ready to buy this new update, just launch it!
  9. Necrius

    Necrius Skeletron Prime

    The game is complete, time to move to merchandise. Considering spelunky 2 trailer it's sad that devs of my favorite sandbox are apparently a one trick pony.
    MiningdiamondsVIII likes this.
  10. Kitten Shuttles

    Kitten Shuttles Steampunker

    I want one so bad! They’re beautiful! 1.3.6 hype! Looks great`:naughty:
  11. Yello_X

    Yello_X Plantera

    There are some 1.3.6 news down this post (New biome backgrounds, improved BGM)
  12. RoM

    RoM Terrarian

    It is realy nice, i'm checking for it everyday.
    I remember apriel's fools day in this year. It was so cruel to joke like devs did, when so many people love this game and wait so much for new update.
    I wish luck to company with this sales. I hope it will helps a lot.

    It is realy intresting, how such long live project is developing. Which problems developers faced. How do they resolve it. It could be realy excited story.
  13. ppowersteef

    ppowersteef Paladin

    What do you mean with this? Terraria's still in development.
  14. Necrius

    Necrius Skeletron Prime

    I don't see what else there's to develop. 1.3.6 is obviously made of bells and whistles.
  15. I love the original art, but to be honest this application doesn't look too good to me. The squattened reflection of the four armors in particular feels pretty tacky.
  16. Purpulear

    Purpulear Spazmatism

    Can we get this for the Switch?
  17. TheNamelessFace

    TheNamelessFace Official Terrarian

    So gotta get one :p
  18. The Cakemaster

    The Cakemaster Skeletron

    Looks dank but I don't have either console. ;(
  19. TheNebulaPhage

    TheNebulaPhage Terrarian

  20. TheNebulaPhage

    TheNebulaPhage Terrarian

    So how do I get anyhow?