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New Terraria Merchandise From Sanshee - Including Journey's End Items!

Dakota Spine

Headless Horseman
I think it a little strange to weigh into the Empress of Light with pin and shirt already, being so new and rather stand-out from the normal Terraria boss. But I need that King Slime pin in my life
Okay, I looked around, you can find a sizing chart for the t-shirts on a shirt that is not in the pre-order phase, so you can measure your own shirts (they are measured laid down on a flat surface on on side, not while wearing them), so that's how I am going to check the size.


Me: I reeeeally should save money for a new phone.


everything nice and gucci but bruh the shipping price
82.72$ for order
you can buy 4 good quality t-shirts for that price

GeNeSiS 4

Official Terrarian
being a Poor AF teenager i cant really buy myself this stuff, but it looks really noice. i will try and scrape together enough moolah to buy myself that shirt.
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