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New time terraria twitch streamer conner360


Hello everybody ;) , come past my twitch stream and say hello :)
Im very new to twitch streaming so go easy on me very shortly im starting my first annual twitch terraria world and just playing with the world to see
feel free to add me on steam @ : conner360 my picture is sassy the sasqautch :)
If you want to come and play with me PM me on twitch or in comments, or my steam!
thanks and also here is a link:


P.S seeings this is pretty much advertising to an extent , if its against the rules i will take this down asap when i know
hope it is cool with the admins though :) seeings in no way i intend to make profit just give good time and some legit
terraria gameplay!
Thanks for reading <3 and have a good day :)
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