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New Weapon, Armor and Accessories Tier List

Changing Flask

The Swordfish is a B+ (if not straightforward A-tier weapon) material for me. Can be fished up early on from the Ocean, can (with help of Ball o' Hurt) defeat Skeletron, and is a lot better than most if not all shortswords and spears available... except for range. Also has crowd control and fast swinging rate.

Also possibly uptier Gladiator Armor to the B(or A) rank. Pre-Skeletron immunity to knockback is no joke when fighting Eater of Worlds.
Fossil Armor could also be a decent A-tier just because of its sand duplication use in Pre-Hardmode (and the fact it comes pre-boss - aka - you need to defeat Skeletron to gain Necro Armor, but you can just kill a fair few Tomb Crawlers or dig for desert fossils to sift through them).
Note A:
Muramasa actually performs better than both Lucy the Axe (Deerclops can be cheesed, and Skeletron can be killed at roughly the same time) and Blade of Grass (despite latter being a pre-boss weapon). Even with you needing to go to dungeon for that weapon, it's worth defeating Skeletron.
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