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New Weapon, Armor and Accessory Tier List


Guide Category
Weapon/Gear Use
I have been trying various equipment in Terraria for several months and want to share my findings.
There are already a lot of similar posts, but this is for version, so if you need to know how good new weapons actually are, this is the right place.
List is based on relative performance of each item at a given progression stage.

Firstly this list can be really hard on eyes, so this section is meant to help readers in finding information. List has the following format:
Example 1.gif

S+ Tier
What does it mean?

WEAPON SPECIALIZATION: Tells you what this weapon is good at or how to maximise its efficiency.

1. RED : BOSSING (good against upcoming bosses and events; fast killtimes or safety)
2. YELLOW : Good single-target DPS
3. BLUE : Crowd Control (ability to deal with crowds, while not losing DPS at individual mobs)
4. GREEN : Mobbing (easy and effective use against regular enemies, more user friendy than others)
WHITE : Good in all 4 aspects, only S tier can cave this one.

5. ORANGE : EXPLOITABLE WEAPONS (The HB, Flying Knife, Fetid, Jousting Lances)
6. PURPLE : BEST SIDEARMS (Vampire Knives, Speed-increasing whips, Betsy's wrath, Rainbow, Clinger, Nimbus, Raven Staff, North Pole). May include weaker sidearms too.
The visual scheme is given at the bottom of the list.
1. Pre-boss
1.1 Surface;
1.2 Underground + Tundra, Ocean, Floating islands;
1.3 Demonite/Crimtane, Evil Biome orbs/hearts, Jungle, Bloodmoon fishing, Underground Desert
2.Post-eye loot, evil boss weapons, hellstone
3.Queen bee, Skeletron, Dungeon, Shadow chests, Deerclops

4. Pre-boss HM loot, WoF, Dreadnautilus, Queen Slime
5. Post 1-mech loot (any), OOA T2
6. Post 3 mech loot, Solar Eclipse
7. Plantera drops, HM Dungeon, Buffed Eclipse, Golem Drops

8. Pumpkin and Frost Moons, OOA T3, Duke Fishron, Empress of Light, Martian Madness
9. Lunar Fragment Weapons, Daytime Empress
10. Direct ML drops

Zenith is considered to be the ultimate weapon.
S+, 10/10
Arguably overpowered in some way, these are the best weapons in the game. Outperform almost everything even a progression stage higher.
Deal obscene amounts of damage or have unique features which outshine everything else in the game.
Includes extremely versatile weapons that are effective in all situations.

Exceptional performance for up to 3 (if availiable) progression stages above obtaining

S, 9/10
Powerful, long-lasting options, excellent in target situations, even good in all remaining cases. May include weapons, which are particularly good in certain scenarios:
Aerial bane = as its name suggests
Daybreak = mixed class with Dragon, excellent in tank melee set
Scourge of the Corruptor = exceptionally user-friendly on mobs and has good melee-summon synergy for hybrids

Very high overall performance for 2 progression stages above obtaining

A+, 8/10
More effective weapons than regular A tier in their main use cases. Have slightly longer lifespan. May include one of the best exploitable weapons (HB + Statues, Ichored Flying knife + Phantasm)

High overall performance for 1 progression stage above obtaining

A, 7/10
The main tier of good weapons. They may be not cosidered as "overpowered" or something, but will serve well in a wide variety of situations. May include effective exploitable weapons like Fetid Baghnakhs. (It is possible to facetank Plantera with Titanium/Turtle armors and 3 blade minions in full warding and with Durendal).

High overall performance at the progression stage of obtaining

B+, 6/10
Great weapons when played into their strengths, but these strengths do not cover all possible situations. There is still an impact on performance in wrong circumstances. May include decent weapons with no prominent flaws or distinctive features, like the Piranha Gun.

Quite decent (or even high, but situation limited) performance at the progression stage of obtaining

B, 5/10
Reasonably effective in designed situations, however with noticeable performance decrease in any other case. May include good "stepping stone" weapons, which are good, but are rather quickly replaced (Silver and Tungsten Bows, Mythril and Orichalcum Repeaters). Usable on any game difficulty and therefore considered as the lowest tier of good weapons.

Moderate overall performance at the progression stage of obtaining.

C+, 4/10
Not especially good, but at least functional and can be used if there are no better options. Still may have a specialization, but are outclassed even in this.

Below average performance at the progression stage of obtaining.

C, 3/10
The lowest tier of at least to some extent usable weapons
They are bad and should not be considered in a serious playthrough.

Low performance at the progression stage of obtaining

D, 2/10
Extremely weak and struggle to do anything well.
Quite decent junk.

E, 1/10
Hilariously weak and killing enemies with these is either pure luck or excruciating pain
Pretty mediocre trash.

F, absolute zero
The most unrivalled garbage.
So, now you know that Vampire Knives are S+ tier sidearm and are exceptional against bosses. They remain to be useful from progression stage 7 for the rest of the game.
Example 1.gif

S+ Tier
3 more examples for you to get used to the format:
Megashark has S tier boss performance (against upcoming Plantera, Twins, OOA etc.), very good at any single enemy, absolutely capable of CC and is very user-friendly (assuming crystal, high velocity and chlorophyte bullets respectively). Has high performance for up to 2 progression stages above obtaining.
Ex. 3.gif

S Tier
Fetid Baghnakhs are a good exploitable weapon. (Excellent in any facetanking builds based on Titanium or Turtle Armors). They are great on bosses and on single targets.

A Tier
Meowmere can offer you slightly above average crowd control, compared to other ML drops.

B+ Tier
The eyeraping thing itself:
TL v7.1.2.gif

Rank of Abigail is based on the best stage, which is early HM. She is good on Queen Slime, Dreadnautilus, and has great mobbing with Firecracker. Possesses some sort of CC too.
Fetid Baghnakhs, while having S tier boss killtimes, are in a lower tier because they are very dangerous otherwise. Same with the Horseman's Blade.
Explosive Bunnies can be manually placed in cages and oneshot pre-HM bosses. They ignore i-frames.
Stealthed Celebration MK2's red rocket can outperform Zenith on Empress of Light.
North Pole is best used as a sidearm against large, grounded enemies, like Santa-NK1. Don't shoot upwards, you will quickly reach the projectile cap! Be above you target and shoot downwards (or sideways).
Bladetongue is good on Destroyer
Spears and Swawtooth Shark are good against Brain of Cthulhu.
Accarmor v7.1.2.gif

Beetle armor is used over Solar if you need:
--True melee performance with Dark Harvest
--HB statue farming
--Sky Dragon's fury rightclick shooting speed
--True Melee with the following swords: Influx Waver is capped at 5 frames, Terra blade on 3, Psycho on 3, Keybrand on 5
--Projectile melee sets appreciate using sentries and rainbow gun (Seedler, Scourge, Vampire Knives)

Recommended Mixed Armors:

Shinobi/Monk/Valhalla = melee projectile

Red riding shirt & Leggings +
----Adamantite helmet = Low base damage rocket launchers
----Shroomite helmet = arrows, high base damage rocket launchers, bullets

Hallowed+ Dark artist = magic/summon

Chlorophyte + Dark Artist + 8% mana reduction accessory = mana conservation build

Monk/Shinobi/Solar = maximum melee speed

Mythril leggings for early HM mixing (Adamantite/Frost/Mythril for ranged & non-stealth Piranha)

Adamantite/Huntress/Mythril for mixed post 1 mech ranged-summon

Squire great helm for regen (2hp/s)

Valhalla breastplate (4 hp/s)

Solar/Solar/Valhalla for post-ML projectile DPS

Spooky Breastplate for more minions and summon damage. (For Desert Tiger and Raven staves)

Starfury + Sharpened buff with Bee armor (6 minions) is a safer alternative to Obsitian Armor in WoF Fight. Slightly slower kill though.
Winged slime mount synergises with balloons.
Brain of Confusion also gives +10% summon damage after dodge (not mentioned in the buff description)
Recommended reforges:
MELEE warding
RANGED menacing
MAGE lucky (for spectre mask set bonus)
SUMMON menacing or warding (esp. in Blade builds)
Ammo TL.gif

Notes: confetti bullets can be obtained pre-HM by breaking pigronatas (sold by the Party Girl)
Chlorophyte arrows can be stacked by shooting directly above and are especially good with Phantasm.
Snowballs give Snowball Cannon high knockback, which is very useful in early game.
Ichor Darts ignore i-frames at a point-blank range.
Congratulations, if you reached the end and tried to understand all this mess!
I have yet to figure out how to make it more convenient to read...

World Download (grab Rod of Discord at spawn for easier travelling):


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I used tiermaker for my tier lists but I have yet to find a tier list for all terraria weapons that isn’t missing some, and none that have 1.4.3 weapons. But for accessories and armor sets, tiermaker is absolutely the way to go.


Official Terrarian
i would argue with more than 50% of the items placement in this tier list but still a worthwide tier list overall ( zenith S+ lol no use). I love the layout desined of the ranking table but its defenitely hard to read though, the background should be more brighter atleast.


I notice you have Orichalcum armor really low. I know a lot of people value it for its additional DPS, especially in challenges. What's your experience been with it to rate it so low?

Also, I think Magiluminescence might be missing (maybe not! it's sprite is pretty inconspicuous)


Tests show that using 2 or 3 spiders are more effective than ori set bonus
Bearing that in mind,
Orichalcum Armor is outclassed by palladium, because regen cannot be substituted
Against Destroyer, Titanium Armor is way more damaging. Nimbus rod is just more feasible in any case. (Fetid + Titanium kill him in 19 sec, nimbus+hellevator destroy him instantly)
Mythril Armor's greaves have way better mixing potential: Adamant/Frost/Mythril is the best ranged DPS combo

Unfortunately, I havent tried Magiluminescence properly yet, so no rank currently

Updated the list slightly; I know that now it is blurred strangely, I am searching for solutions
Edit: now shold be a tad better
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I notice you have Orichalcum armor really low. I know a lot of people value it for its additional DPS, especially in challenges. What's your experience been with it to rate it so low?

Also, I think Magiluminescence might be missing (maybe not! it's sprite is pretty inconspicuous)
Orichalcum doesn't have a niche I tested it an it lost to myhtril against all bosses, uses a pretty average hardmode weapon (Clockwork assault rifle or admantite repeater).

For wall cheesing the extra summon damage from spider armor for spider minions was more helpful than the orichalcum petals.

The main problem with orichalcum's set bonus is that the petals miss most of the time and rarely line up correctly do do a crowd control.

Challenge runs shouldn't have an effect on a tier list. Making the challenge run "Only coblat armor is allowed" doesn't make colbalt armor good in general use.


The last little change I want to apply is buff Staff of Earth back to S
Because even without Ravens it entirely destroys crowds
Overall slightly less user-friendly, but a bit powerful Scourge + Rainbow

Pumpkin Moon times: Scourge + Rainbow 11.16
SoE: 10.59
Empress of Light: SoE: 61 sec
Seedler (Beetle scale mail): 51 sec

SoE nerf to A+ (because of no longer iframe resetting ravens) was the decision made in a hurry

P. S. It will be the last S tier weapon, because S & S+ tiers are capped at 1/8 of total weapon count, which is 53 (418 total count)

P. P. S. Both Nebula Mantle and Vortex Booster are regular S.
And will try Magiluminessence
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