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  1. NightFuryis11

    NightFuryis11 Plantera

    Here is where I'll post some drawings of some characters I make, and maybe put some stories to go with them. :dryadwink:

    If I get a good response, I might even accept requests! (Whether you want me too or not...)
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  2. NightFuryis11

    NightFuryis11 Plantera

    First of all: My newest OC; Lucas!
    After registering for knight training at the castle nearby his town, he had a sudden flashback...

    He remembers flames, flames all around. And explosions going off in all directions. He stumbled out of the burning husk of a building he was in, and ran. Ran until he could run no more...

    He often had this daydream, and it haunted him through the the night as well. "Better get to dulling this Copper Broadsword." He said, "Gotta do something to keep the old brain off that image..."
    Name: Lucas Malanan
    Age: 14.5
    Gender: Male
    Affiliations: Delta's Army (New)
    Relationships and relatives: Foster mother, Helea
    Long time friend, Liara Uraile(I may draw her too)
    What do you think? This is my first time trying out this style, and I really like it, so...
    I may color him if demand is "high".
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  3. Keigora

    Keigora Lunatic Cultist

    Nice nice, it definetly has potential c: Seeing it colored and shaded would be cool too.
    Keep up to good work, man~
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  4. NightFuryis11

    NightFuryis11 Plantera

    Thanks! :dryadgrin:
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  5. NightFuryis11

    NightFuryis11 Plantera

    Lucas had just gone and signed up to train to be a knight. Liara had known him for what seemed like forever, and she loved him to bits (Brotherly love, they'd always insist), but she just couldn't get some of the things he did.

    From the moment they met, Lucas was always very witty, but extremely rash. At least he was a good fighter, so he could usually get out of the pickles he put himself in. He'd never hold a candle to her archery skills though, and she was a valluble asset for the Delta, if ever a mercenary was needed... Which wasn't very often.

    She was often ridiculed due to her utter facination with bows, as well as her strange style of clothing. She tended to wear a light shirt and shorts with strips of very, very heavy cloth wound abound her, to protect her from incoming attacks.
    Name: Liara Uraile
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Affiliations: Independent
    Relationships and relatives: Mother, Deanna
    Father, Walter
    Long Time Friend, Lucas Malanan
    I done did it.
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  6. NightFuryis11

    NightFuryis11 Plantera

    [​IMG][​IMG]I "filled" them with color. No shading, but I almost feel like i'd manage to ruin 'em that way, knowing me.
  7. NightFuryis11

    NightFuryis11 Plantera

    [​IMG] This is my character Scarlet, from my Gunman Playthrough on YouTube. Yes, I know her neck is a bit too long... But overall, I think she looks good. I actually shaded a bit. Not much, but some. (She is wearing a Bright Blue dyed Gi. Drawing is from the lower thighs up.)
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  8. Wizard Harry

    Wizard Harry Terrarian

    This pics are buetifull
  9. Feutor

    Feutor Official Terrarian

    I think you should work on details like at the hair or the shape of the arms and all that. Also these guys have very stiff shoulders, if you were to represent them in real life. Try making it more rounder and I think you should take some inspiration of other drawn figures. If you brainstorm a bit and compare your figures too others, I am sure you will notice even more. That last one especially has very weird arms. Also as mentioned before me already adding shades really improves your pictures. Look at this only picture I have ever done and it's shades http://feutor.deviantart.com/art/Susanoo-thumbs-up-593604855?q=gallery:Feutor&qo=0
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  10. NightFuryis11

    NightFuryis11 Plantera

    Yeh, I'm not the greatest at joints, especially hands and feet... Not the greatest period... But, that doesn't stop me from trying.