PC Nightmare Zombie Invasion

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Matt (DailyHop)

Eye of Cthulhu
Sorry I haven't been on the forums in a really long time everyone. Well I'm back with a Terraria style game I made with a friend! It's F2P, you can leave constructive criticism below or any ideas for future updates. Now, please, sit back and ENJOY! :D

Nightmare Zombie Invasion is a 2D sidescroller, where it is basically a zombie trolling simulator. Your goal is to survive the zombies. But in the current version you're practically immune to all zombie attacks! Anyways, let's get to the point. You have an assortment of blocks to choose from! (and by that I mean 2 blocks currently) Use your scorching hot flame that follows your cursor to burn down buildings and burn zombies to a crisp! Blow up zombies with the A-grade professional recommended TNT and watch the zombies blow into blood all over the place!

Nightmare Zombie Invasion is only in Alpha v1.0, so it's pretty early access with a few bugs and whatnot, but over the course of a week they'll get fixed along with additional features in the game! Updates of the game will happen every 1-2 days! Soon enough, the game will have a MULTIPLAYER mode! Now, I'm sure you're very curious on what this zombie monstrocity game looks like. Well do you want to watch the trailer? Screenshots are available here by the way: http://ravashstudios.wix.com/nmzi-game

So are you satisfied yet? PROBABLY!! (unless you don't like the game) So, you're probably thinking, "Damn, this game is really cool! I'd like to play it!"

Well what's that link I spy down there? Maybe could it be the Alpha v1.0 download link? Who knows, why don't we click it?


If you're wondering how to play, here are the controls:

A = Left

D = Right

Left Click= Destroy and Place

Right Click = Interact

1 = TNT Block

2 = Wood Block

3 = Cobblestone (adding soon)

4 = Radio

U = Darude - Sandstorm

R = Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up

F1 = Controls and Credits

F4 = Switch Screen Modes

F5 = Save Game

F6 = Load Game

F9 = Screenshot

I hope you guys really like the game, I hope this doesn't get reported for spam, I just thought it was a cool game I made Terraria fans would really enjoy! :D

Matt (DailyHop)

Eye of Cthulhu
cool game bro,

i'll check it out

On the main menu, just put your cursor down on one of the letters. Just putting your cursor any random place in the Play Game button won't highlight it and won't let you into the game's odd world, it will just keep you on the main menu. Same with Quit Game. I'll fix this in the future :)
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