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Skeletron Prime
During most moving boss fights such as the mechanical bosses, WoF, and ML it is annoying when mobs spawn, so while boss fights mobs shouldn't spawn unless summoned by boss.

Edit: it should also be able to be enabled and disabled by the player in c retain files
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I've noticed that having a boss alive will make less monsters spawn, but no monsters would definitely be better....

especially... oh wait... Aa13873 already said it... oh well
Personally, I think it's a nice extra challenge while fighting bosses. what I would say if I didn't blow 3 Mechanical Worms yesterday because I kept getting killed by stray Possessed Armors, even WITH Calming Potions.
I probably wouldn't have supported this a few days ago but now I know the struggle.
At times it can be amusing, at other times a complete pain in the :red:.
It's just very annoying to be killed by something laughable when you're trying to kill a major boss.
I cannot say how many times I almost killed the destroyer, just to get smacked by a bloody wyvern . However, i do like the extra challenge. What I think could be cool is if the two major and opposite bosses (WoF and ML) would, like, just expel all mobs nearby upon summoning.
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