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Nostalgaria, where life crystals don't animate and mana is purple.

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v-----DISCLAMER: The footage below is of an older version.---------------------------------v

^-------------------------------------------------------Now you can stare at the old sun.-----^

< Nostalgaria >
Where <3 don't animate and mana is purple.
Nostalgaria is a texture pack which attempts to bring back Terraria's oldest graphics. Featuring different-looking ores, bricks, doors, weapons and more from 1.0-! Cobalt shields no longer have crosses on them, all ores have the same pattern as stone and the obsidian skull doesn't scream at your face! There may be a few inaccuracies due to how Terraria handles texture packs, however, such as the fact that topaz is on its side.

But you can help to fix inaccuracies!
You may contribute by posting a reply down below with all the files you want to hand over. As well as that, your name will be on the credits! However, I will be able to fix things for myself. The texture pack will update whenever I feel that there is enough new content! If you want to contribute to this texture pack, please read the Todo.txt file inside the texture pack folder.

< Download >
Try out this Dropbox link first:
Download through Dropbox

If there are any problems, I'll upload this texture pack to Google Drive.

The file size is too big!
In later versions of this texture pack, I will remove some files which look identical to modern Terraria.

Who on Earth is TerraStag?
It's another name for me. You could also call me BlueStaggo, BlueStag256 or even BlueStaggo256!
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