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Not so new to terraria, new to the forum


Hello all

I finally created an account on the forums, but I'm a long time on and off player.
I play since january 1st 2012, and have "only" 485 hours of played
At first I played a lot of coop with my then gf, but now I play solo only
Interesting to note that I have rarely achieved hardmode, I always restart new worlds instead or move on to another game, I think only twice I've reached hardmode, but in any case I've never "finished" the game
Often times I quit due to nerfs, because when players are smart enough to find alternative ways to defeat a boss, I don't think it's the devs' job to remove this possibility, in fact finding alternate ways is mostly the reason I play games and I get bored otherwise when the game is too strict with its rules and doesn't let you find creative solutions.
Well, this time around we will see, but 1.4 goes for a bad start with that hidden luck mechanic that makes no sense and that you don't know about, ruining your chances at everything for the most mundane things like killing critters and using "the wrong" torch, but whatever.

I also really like Minecraft, which is more creative imho, allowing more freedom in creating contraptions, but sadly it's also very lacking in content and once you get enchantments you like there's not much else in terms of progression, whereas Terraria has a lot of progression, lots of bosses and lots of item "tiers" and diversity.

It's sad to have that good cake ruined by the "sand" of uneeded nerfs, and other ways devs want to force players to play a certain style, and not how they the players want it and do it.
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