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In this thread, I'll be sharing an idea of mine that I would really love to share.
The consept is an AI change in NPCs; So, when a normal NPC's HP is 25% or less, their AI will change and they will not attack enemies, instead they will "run away" and will run in a faster speed than usual.
They will apeaifically avoid the enemy with the most HP that's in 100 feet (50 blocks) within them. (Nearest if they have the same HP, or the strongest boss if there is a boss nearby)
Some NPCs will be "warrior" NPCs and will try to keep 50 feet with the enemy with the least HP (or the strongest boss if there is a boss nearby) and will avoid other enemies.
The warrior NPCs will also change AI to run away when their HP is as low as 10% or less.

There should be more factors to affect NPC happiness.
Well, the final level of friendship (1 platinum in avarage NPCs) would be 50% discount in their stores and having them give you gifts once every 3 days.
I think it would be nice to be able to gift NPCs stuff to have them like you. Normally, items would have permanent friendship increasings equal to their selling price. Though a lot of items would matter. (for instance, music boxes of their favourite biome or favourite music)
Also, their house design would also matter. A normal banner would add 50 silver and enemy banners would add 1 gold. A next chair would cost 1 gold along with a table. Simple adding items like mugs, bottles and plates would make 50 silver while stuff like chalices and mini volcanoes would make 2 gold. Most crafting stations would be 1 gold and a bed would be 20 gold (Any extra beds would make 50 silver). An emty room (with or without valid housing [town pets and slimes and slimes aren't included]) next to their house would make a nice 20 gold (20 gold for each and extra happiness for furnitures inside them)
When you change their housing (apart from what they choose after revival) you will permanantly lose 10 gold of hapiness.
I've thought of this consemt for some time now. I hope it isn't so bad! :nursehappy:
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