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Working as Designed NPCs not detecting their neighbors if they're at ther sides, only up and down.


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Title, I'm starting a new world and while building the homes I noticed how NPCs would completely ignore other NPCs if they're at their right or left. But if a move someone to a room up or down of a occupied room then both NPCs start talking about the other. This is normal? Because it's bothersome for building...


Can you do some screenshot of your base? They should talk about each other if their resting position (at night) is less than 25 blocks away.


Here you go, Arms Dealer doesn´t talk about the Nurse and they have interactions with each other (like rock, paper, scizors) but the Dye Trader talks about the Arms Dealer just fine. Kinda baffling since before the update both the Nurse and the Arms dealer talked about each other with no problem. Other NPCs have the same problem like the Zoologist and Golfer. Shoebox houses and not a peep about the other but when I move one of them to a room up boom, it works.


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It's most likely, because their flags are more than 25 blocks far from each other (this is extremely easy to achieve, even when it's inside the same house, as the example shows) - it works fine with the dye trader, because houses (rooms) are usually less tall than wide, so the dye trader's flag is not very far from the arms dealer's flag.

This is seriously annoying (although this was how it used to be at the start too, when the happiness system got implemented. practically, the only way to have neighbors recognise them as neighbors, to place them extremely close to each other... which is annoying...

this also brings up that problem again too, that the game arbitrarily decides where to put an NPCs flag inside the room.
on the example, if the arms dealer flad would be placed more to the right, and the nurse's more to the left, they would recognise each other as neighbors, but you can't manually tell there you want the flag, and the game just placed it in bad places.
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ye, as Sora wrote they are too far away for current update. In they changed distance from 25 to 50. Some people did not like that so they changed it back to 25.
You can change the flag placement with the furniture placement. They dont like to stay near doors or chests. From their flag point only the 2 tiles to the left and right with height 4 are important. They dont like any stuff at their flag point as well. Solid blocks and platforms also have a negative impact. No solid blocks allowed at the inner 3x3, no platforms allowed at the 3 blocks above the flag point. (maybe there were some changes in 1.4.* bc their resting point isn't their flag point anymore if they have a chair)
E.g. you could change like this:
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Unftf has it correct.

We increased the detection for this in the 1.4.1 update. It was a massively unpopular change, and met with very negative and sternly worded feedback asking to revert it. And so it has been changed back.

Unfortunately, there is no way to please everyone here, so this current range is where it is going to stay.


Unfortunately, there is no way to please everyone here, so this current range is where it is going to stay.
How about positive impact (like/love) with 50 range and negative (dislike/hate and crowding) with 25 range?
Or/And crowding range/count depends at relation. E.g. They dont care about (for crowding) loved NPC if they are less than 25 blocks, except there are closer than 5 blocks.
Their impact to crowding count (<2) could increase with range. E.g. for loved: 1 at 5 range, 0 at 25+ range, in between linear(?) increase.
For hated e.g. 1.5 at 5 range, 0 at 30 range, in between linear(?) decrease.
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