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i can't upload it on Terraria because it says the passphrase is incorrect. Help?

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The Npc's Plus mod adds (For now!) 1 Npc

The statue seller, a simple living unicorn statue!


He/she (?) will sell some statues like...


Jellyfish/piranha/shark and crab statues are available after EoC died. (The Statue Seller spawns after EoC died lol)

Slime statue after KingSlime died.

Medusa/Hoplite/Undead Viking/Drippler and BloodZombie statue after BoC/EoF died.

Skeleton Statue after...........uhm the twins?

Heart statues and Star statues after Wall Of Flesh died.

(Heart statues = 25 gold each, Star statues 5 gold and 50 silver each)

Next npc = Amorer

Probably the Armor Souls...


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