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Npplayer mod (not N Terraria)


I'm looking for a mod that is not N Terraria, but adds the NpPlayers that N Terraria adds. If i had to get rid of all my other mods in favor of N Terraria (N Terraria does not want to do tmodloader), this would be the only reason. idc about the races and leveling (tho i do hav Terraria Leveled), i just want the NpPlayers. In case you don't know what I mean: in the character menu, you can select some number of players. 1 player would play normally, but any more, you get to switch between which one you control while all the ones you don't control act like a normal player minus any world modifying methods (kills mobs. does not cut trees, does not mine, does not interact with npcs like a player would, etc) by using an AI


As always, no answers means no, it doesn't exist. People don't reply no, why would they? They only reply if they have a yes answer for you.


I have to admit this would make a great mod. I too loved N Terraria, but had to give up ont it as Tmodloader wasn't going to be a thing.
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