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PC O.M.G. - Orca Machine Gun


Fire Bad
It's not a fishgun, it's a WHAAAAAAAAALE.

Here's a real life notoriously inaccurate minigun taking forever to spin up;
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Duke Fishron
this is oddly amusing, and would probably fit in nicely with the endless musketball ammo. pretty lame ammo and tear stuff apart for economical ammo use? okay! but i have to admit this would be amazeballs to see with exploding bullets, probably end up being the most terrifying weapon in the game in a hurry lol. i support it!

The Law

40% Chance not to consume ammo
14% Critical Strike chance
54 Damage
Slightly Innaccurate
Has a .5 second spin up time

Like, 'OMG' This would be a good endgame weapon! :)


Fire Bad
I've considered a shotgun-style weapon in the style of a Metal Storm platform, but since shotguns don't apply per-bullet damage in pvp up close, I'm not too enthusiastic about the idea. I love how shotguns are devastating up close in some other games.

If you don't know what a metal-storm type weapon is, here's a video.

A rapid-fire shotgun that perhaps fires a concussion wave in front of it to do additional damage could be cool.


Eye of Cthulhu
Damage: 45/shot
Round per second: 6
warm-up time: 2 seconds
20% chance to consume 1-3 more ammo
crit strike chance 6%
'Remind me why this is a good plan?'


Fire Bad
Now that the SDMG has been buffed to ridiculousness, there's little need for this idea. I tend to be the kind of guy that wants more than he needs...

Now all we need is a Weapon of Tremendous Ferocity (WTF) to one up the OMG.


Skeletron Prime
OMG… wow that is the best play on words I have ever heard and it’s massive, IT’S ACTUALLY MINIGUN SIZE now all we need is 50 cal bullet for it to shoot, like a minigun. *applause* one question what’s its crafting recipe?

Moonlight Star

i tried, i first tried making it a crab, but then though of making it a lobster
here are both versions, on the top is the lobster and the bottom is a crab
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