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this has probably been suggested 103 times before, but why the hell not make a new one
this may even rival the cyber! (yeah dream on zesko)
so first of all- to explore you need some good diving gear, right?
and not just some puny helmet to extend breathing time
you need something pre-hardmode to go underwater infinetely!


air pump:
2 wire, inlet pump, 30 rope, 20 iron
allows you to breath underwater with the right equipment. can be placed.
this peice of equipment can be placed anywhere out of the water.
when you wear a diving helmet or any of it's tinkers, you can right click on it.
when you use it, you will connect to it with a black hose.
as long as you stay in hose range, you can breath anywhere, and are immune to suffocation
the range of the hose is 150 blocks.
you may need to place quite a few to navigate the caves (credit to baconfry for inspiring me)

so the ocean and desert have the same sand
and for some reason I dont think the ocean should be corrupted or crimsonified!

ocean sand/beach sand
looks like it has bits of shell in it (like a real ocean)

shells and all the ocean deco will look buried in the sand, and the sand can be dug out to get it
(much better than tons of seashells standing on end in the sand right?)

living rock
(google them, they are actually quite cool!)
a background object, like the normal rocks.
they look covered in little creatures and coral.
they have an animation of the creatures swimming around, and will become a regular rock if exposed to air
when broken you can find ocean mobs, or ocean critters

oceanic stone
a stone block that looks covered in coral, algea, and little creatures.

tide pools
a little water pit of oceanic stone and regular stone.
crabs and many ocean critters spawn in these at increased rate
fishing is not very profitable in these
these contain a skeleton in the bottom, with tattered anglers clothes.
when broken you can get

lucky bone
+15% fishing power

old angler hat
an old tattered angler hat, with several hooks and lures in the brim.
works in the angler set.

shiny lure
2% bait power
can be used infinite times

the tide pool generates the same rate as pyramids

coral block
looks pink, and has little "holes" in it.
makes up the coral reef

coral reef
a large wall of coral and oceanic stone in the ocean near the jungle.
on top a small desert island with a lone palm tree will generate. this is where you can find the angler now.
the coral reef spawns several of the new mobs and critters at an increased rate.
you can find a hole in it to the underwater caves

underwater caves
a cave system completely flooded with water.
it generates oceanic rock instead of rock, and coral instead of dirt.
the caves end at the same level ice caves do, except for one chasm deep inside them that goes all the way down to hell


and there are a lot of them

pre- hardmode
coral polyp
10 hp
spawns on coral blocks
does 10 contact damage

lost sailor (rare)
found in the oceanic caves.
shoots harpoons at the player for 25 damage
drops: sailor vanity set (100%)
100 health

tube worm
plant ai
short range
can retreat into its shell to stop all damage
50 health
15 damage

giant tube worm
only found in the heat vent (the part of the ocean that extends to hell)
100 health
30 damage
acts like the tube worm

pre hardmode mini boss!
the kraken
1000 hp
summoned by using worm food/bloody spine in the heat vent
acts like plantera, first stage.
shoots out kraken teeth(15 damage), and tries to whack the player with its tentacle (20 damage)
sometimes squirts out an ink cloud that gives the player the confused debuff
drops: ink sac, 100%
only works underwater
causes the player to swim super fast and emit a cloud of ink which inflicts confusion when the player takes damage.

giant crab
100 health
20 damage

moray eel
spawns in oceanic rock
plant AI
tries to grab players
75 health
50 damage
really short range

electric eel
20 damage
50 health
swims fast.
attacks stun players.

man o' war jelly
rare spawn
looks huge
floats on top of the water
fires explosive polyps at the player (40 damage)
tries to hit player with short tentacles (60 damage)
100 health
drops: jellyfish helmet (vanity)

can be used as bait

can drop as an item when digging sand underwater

can be used as bait

hermit crab

tiny crab


sea anenome

(if ocean is crimson because the devs still wanted that in, these become see anenomes and have an eye in the middle)

(more to come)
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Wall of Flesh
Very nice perhaps consider in some Atlantian structures .. What who just said that?
But very nice , even with duke added to ocean the ocean also has new life I think it's only out of respect to make the ocean a worthy thing to explore.


Im sorry, but I was included in a collaborative suggestion of this and did not ecieve the pm until I posted the thread... please lock this.
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