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Working as Designed Odd behavior of Eye of Cthulhu in the background

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This is in regards to the new Eye of Cthulhu sprite flying around in the background after the text warning he's coming for you at night.

It will fly around in the background back and forth progressively faster seeing more agitated (which is a nice addition), but then when the EoC comes into the foreground to actually fight, the graphic flying around the background is still there. Not certain if this is a bug or not, but it doesn't seem right. Otherwise this would mean there are multiple Eyes of Cthulhu flying around during these nights, and one of them happens to attack you? It's far more noticable yet if it comes to you while on the beach, as the background is far more sparse and revealing. The EoC will stay there for the duration of the fight sometimes, if not for much of it.

Ideally, one would think EoC would fly off the screen of the background, wait 4-10 seconds or so, and appear in the foreground to simulate its approach.

I assume this is a bug with the background graphics, because if not, it's a real immersion-killer to see duplicate bosses in this way. I have not yet fought other bosses beyond the EoC that appear in the background (I know there are others), so I can't confirm if this is happening to those as well. Again, I assume this wasn't intended, as it really doesn't seem like it should be.
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Copious Kobolds

I don't think the background graphics have anything to do with the likelyhood of events. They're just cool foreshadowing. I regularly see meteors fall in the background despite having only had a couple meteor events, and have never fought the eye of cthulhu as a natural spawn despite him regularly appearing in the background.
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The Eye of Cthulhu in the background, as far as I know, has absolutely nothing to do with Eye of Cthulhu spawning in naturally. It can spawn in the background at any night, simply flying across, or acting aggressive towards the player, no matter if Eye of Cthulhu has been defeated or not. The only background feature I know of that has any functional impact on gameplay is the meteors, as they signify that a meteorite is about to crash into your world.

Lunatic Lobbyist

The Destroyer
The Eye in the background is just random at night. It is not linked to the EoC's spawning.
Alright then, I suppose the timing EoC appearing has just been highly coincidental for me.

Ironically I've noticed this happen once in today's session without EoC coming for the very first time. Anyway, thanks.
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