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    If you mean by try out hard mode, than see if everyone else wants to try it out. I will allow all of you to change difficulty at the end of the first chapter if you want. I also added a scale and a new difficulty. The difficulty with three votes automatically gets chosen.

    > Easy is pretty easy, just as anyone would expect. Chapters would probably pass by like minutes on a clock.
    > Enemies have below average health, 1/2 of normal health. A flick of a finger can probably injure any creature massively in this mode.
    > Most of the battles you will have is with the bosses, as normal enemies are harder to come across.
    > Theres not much loot considering that you can probably sweep at least 10 chapters with starter items. Cuts loot originally in chest by half and no rare or higher rarity items can be found in chest.
    > Puzzles are pretty easy. Usually you just have to slam your head on the puzzle and it works.
    > No traps at all as well as no surprise attacks. Lame...
    > No hidden secrets, as most are removed.
    > Tip: I recommend voting for a higher difficulty if you already RPed in the original Hysteria or played a RP game in general.

    > Normal is pretty normal. With everything being decent, chapters can go on for about a hour at most if everyone is active at the time.
    > Enemies have normal health, as they should be. No modifications to health.
    > Play it normally, as everything should be. Bosses are not much of a challenge and encountering enemies if pretty normal.
    > The loot is moderate and you can find some ok stuff. You can find up to rare rarity items, but you won't find any epic rarity items or higher rarity.
    > Puzzles are not much of a challenge but are certainly not easy. Slamming your head against it would probably make you bleed.
    > Few traps here and there, and surprise attacks only work with common enemies. Very few boos.
    > Some hidden secrets but not many.
    > Tip: There isn't much that can stop you alone, so you can try out new strategies in this mode. You want to get past a boss easily, ask for a teammate to join. I recommend a higher difficulty.

    > This difficulty is pretty good and kinda challenging. Chapters could go on for a while if not making the quickest move.
    > Enemies have higher health than normal, 1.5x to their health. A ok challenge in combat but can easily be removed by type matchup and powerful attacks.
    > A good challenge against bosses, as some bosses have a phase were they become in their Downfall Form. Enemy encounters are common.
    > The loot is pretty ok and defiantly acceptable. In a chest, you can find up to epic rarity items, but not Super Epic rarity or higher.
    > Puzzles are a bit challenging, but its all about thinking from a different angle. Slamming your head against gives you a headache.
    > Traps and surprise attacks come out here and there but not everywhere. SimeaseKitten is a poet, I didn't know it.
    > A ok amount of hidden secrets.
    > Tip: Try interacting with everything you can as there is many secrets in this mode.

    > Everything starts to get quite hard. Teaming up with others and having a strategy in mind is recommended. Chapters can go pretty long but enjoyable.
    > Enemies have quite the large health bar, doubling their normal health. Attacking blindly and in a predictable pattern can easily be the downfall of you.
    > Bosses are quite challenging, having a diverse and strategic move pool to take down fools. Most bosses can switch into there phase, Downfall Form, quicker.
    > Loot is really good, and always a give me. You can find up to a Super Epic rarity item in a chest, but limited to getting Mystical rarity or higher.
    > Puzzles don't appear as often, but when they do, they are extremely hard to solve. Will make your head go in circles.
    > Traps and surprise attacks are pretty common, as most of the time, enemies will hide in disguise, then pop out when the requirement is met.
    > There is few hidden secrets, but they are harder to find and hold better rewards than you can imagine.
    > Tip: Coordinate with teammates in order to help each other in battle! Doing this will definitely make a path to victory.

    Immense Chaos:
    > Makes easy normal hard, and expert look like a stroll in the park.
    > Everything is complete hell. Teaming, coordination, strategy, and such is not recommended, but required. Chapters can go in endless loops from characters dying from the same thing over and over. Going solo gives even greater rewards but is basically an endless suicide mission (PM me if you want to go solo or say it in IC.)
    > All enemies have their normal health. Even though their health is normal, they usually have huge move pools and plans already set up. Some common enemies come in swarms. Most of their stats and info can't be shown from items besides HP and DEF.
    > Bosses are a complete disaster. Their health is increased by the amount needed to make them difficult while possible to defeat. They can go to Downfall Form any time they want, and when doing so, they cut off half of their max HP and fully heal them self to that point. Truly the most challenging thing dished out in Hysteria.
    > The loot is absolutely top tier and high quality in the best form. A chest can hold an item up to any rarity. You can only get some of the best items in this difficulty.
    > Puzzles have a rare appearance, but has the difficulty of nuclear thermodynamics. Usually is not an obstacle in the way, but blocks something extremely rare. Makes your head straight up explode.
    > Traps are everywhere. Surprise attacks are everywhere. Jump scares are everywhere.
    > Very little amount of hidden secrets, but finding one is extremely hard but house some of the best loot imaginable.
    > Tip: Save often! Save points are way more common than before and are usually everywhere and you will probably die a lot. Also remember to get diverse element attacks.
  2. Defure

    Defure Golem

    I vote for hard. It's also the lowest I'll go.
  3. Halt

    Halt Golem

    I'd vote Expert... but hard is lowest I'll go too.
  4. UltiDaniel

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    Okay, quick question... Can my character have a skill that is required to be used in order for some other skills to be usable?
  5. Sockmonkey367

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    Immense Chaos, lowest i will go is Expert

    I wanna see every item in this!
  6. Orifan1

    Orifan1 Eye of Cthulhu

    Hard is the highest I’ll go
  7. SimeaseKitten

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    Do anything you like!
  8. SimeaseKitten

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    S here is what we have:
    2 Votes for Hard (@Orifan1 @Defure )
    1 Vote for Expert (@Halt )
    1 Vote for Immense Chaos (@Sockmonkey367 )

    @AlphaEspeon @Murphmario
    You two need to vote on the difficulty. Check post #41.

    Once you finish your character, vote for one of the difficulties. Post #41 is a scale of what each one is like.

    Also there is a single player and multiplayer.
    Single Player takes place in a PM
    Multiplayer will take place in the IC
  9. Murphmario

    Murphmario Retinazer

    Guess I'll go for Hard, with possibly Normal on my own to practice stuff.
  10. AlphaEspeon

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  11. Animus Viral

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    Welp. I decided to do this very late, but if this gets in, then Normal for difficulty.

    Name: Animdude

    HP: 100

    Easy to frustrate, otherwise, usually neutral in most cases.


    Skills and Character Origin Attacks:

    Lightning - Uses 10 energy. 9 Single, Magically, Electric Damage.
    Origin Attack: Alarm - 8 Single, Ranged, Normal Damage. This hits a foe 3 times equaling to 24 damage. 2 turn cooldown. Can be used again without the cooldown in exchange for 30 energy.
    Origin Skill: Regenerate - Heals 3 hp, regenerates Energy by 20.
    Neon Wall - Increases defense by 4 for 3 turns, Uses 40 Energy upon use. Can Stack.

    Starting items:

    1.) Energy - Regenerates over time, stacks up to 200. Animdude gains 5 Energy per turn and starts off with zero at the beginning of a battle.
    2.) Chip Auto: Regen, regens self's health by 2 every turn.
    3.) Byte: BossDrain01 - Drains health of only Boss characters every 4 turns.

    Inventory Space:
    1.) Energy - Regenerates over time, stacks up to 200
    2.) Chip Auto: Regen, regens self's health by 2 every turn.
    3.) Byte: BossDrain01 - Drains health of only Boss characters every 4 turns by 10 HP.
    Save Point:

    Special Ability: Neon Wall 2 - Renders party invulnerable against attacks but not against status effects or status applying moves for 2 turns.
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    Check changes above, edit the original post with changes and Accepted!
  13. SimeaseKitten

    SimeaseKitten Terrarian

    Sorry everyone for IC being late! I had some other matters to attend to as well as finish some of the enemies sprites! It hopefully will be posted today. If not, it definitely will be posted tomorrow!
  14. Animus Viral

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  15. SimeaseKitten

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    -Character Application-

    Name: Alias "Goldenstripe" Stardust

    HP: 75

    Personality: Alias is kind, confident, and strong. However, when angered, he becomes relentlessly hostile and silent. He also has a short temper.

    Backstory: Alias was born to a shape and a Sackthing-vine elemental hybrid from a seed. While on a walk one day, he was taken and experimented on with other hybrid monsters by a mad scientist by the name of Purity. After some time, he was transformed by some of the experiments, adopting a more mature, bladed form. A fellow subject by the name of Supernova went feral from the same experiments and destroyed the facility before returning to a calmer state and helping Alias get free. He was then mentored in lunar magic by a cultist of unknown name and origin, and forged a Solar Trident as well as some other weapons which were lost to time and space. Now Alias wanders the world, searching for home.

    Appearance: Varies on form.
    humanoid form-
    Height: 6'3"
    Head is 3D?: Yes

    bodiless form-
    Height: 3 inches
    Width: 3 inches
    3D?: Yes

    Skills and Character Origin Attacks:
    Limb and Head Blades- In humanoid form, he has bladed elbows and ankles that deal 7 Single, Physical, Slashing damage. 5% to crit. Removes any constrictions like grabs, wrapped, and such. His head also has these blades, but they are not sharp enough to deal damage to opponents.
    Nebula Beam- Alias can fire a small pink beam from his hands. Deals 4 Single, Magically, Galactic damage. 50% chance to confuse target for up to 3 turns.

    Starting items:
    Solar Trident- A powerful flaming trident made of the essence of the Sun. Deals _ Single, Physical or Ranged, Galactic and Fire damage. Does 8 damage if physical. Does 12 damage if ranged, but if ranged attack misses, Stardust's next turn will be skipped.
    Stick- a random stick. Might be used to make something.
    Water Bottle- A simple bottle of water. Heals 10 HP and cures status effect.

    1.) Solar Trident
    2.) Stick (1)
    3.) Water Bottle (1)
    4.) Light Essence (1)
    5.) Packed Seed Bomb (10)
    6.) Grape (5)
    Save Point: Camp

    Special ability: "Fingerbang"
    His arms turn into gigantic robotic claws that give a buff to Slashing attacks, 10+ damage buff to slashing attacks for rest of battle.

    Other stuff-
    The only sustenance he needs is water, and the only edible object he can consume without falling ill is salt.
    Hysteria!Alias is a different character from Calamity!Alias.
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    Question, what mode is it
  18. Halt

    Halt Golem

    Probably Hard.
  19. SimeaseKitten

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    Its hard mode.

    I added and made some changes above. Feel free to change but tell me. It seems most of your attacks were pretty weak so I buffed them a bit. Makes changes to orginal app and you are accepted. Notify me when done.
  20. Bubby Aurora

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    Done, but I also added info on the head blades because you left those out and I felt like they should have info on them if they're mentioned in the attack name.