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Discussion in 'Items' started by layman9, Jul 31, 2015.

  1. layman9

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  2. WilliamD

    WilliamD Terrarian

    That will take a lot a work to program while keeping precious 1.3 items in.
  3. Grand Paladin Tyrux

    Grand Paladin Tyrux Official Terrarian

    I don't know how possible this is programming wise, but if its possible it could be interesting.
  4. layman9

    layman9 Brain of Cthulhu

    I was thinking it could zoom the players screen in on the old computer, showing an animation of your character sitting down and starting to type, then open a new window with an old version like a normal Terraria start up.
  5. Sonnette

    Sonnette Retinazer

    The spriters/Cenx have already stated they will not make animations of every character type/armor sitting down, especially for something as... Useless as this. As amazing as it would be, it would be insane programmer-wise and would kill terraria on most computers.
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  6. SolaR

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    One word: GameLauncher.