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PC Old One's Army event 2.0


I like the new event but it's quite easy and takes long time between the waves for people who played Terraria for a while.
Also there is nothing like points or times to compare how good you have done it.
Furthermore I don't like that the spawned enemies have a random type at spawn (same as other Terraria events). I know no other TD's were this applies. In other TD's you always have a fixed order of how the enemies spawn.
But without any points it's not that important (but it is at Frost/Pumpkin Moon). It might even good to have some variety.

At Frost/Pumpkin Moon it's sad, that your final points hardly depends at luck. But it's also quite hard to implement a fixed order for those events.
With a event like Old One's Army it would be easy. Just spawn the same order all the time at a portal.

So suggestion 1:
An upgrade version for Eternia Crystal Stand:
-works same like the normal version but if you start the event with it, the order of the spawned enemies would be the same each time (left and right side could be different ).
-Furthermore the next wave starts 3sec after you killed the last enemy from the current wave (next wave need to start between 5 and 35 sec after the last enemy from the current wave spawned)
-It counts the time how long you take for the full event.
-drop chance for items might be less or off because you can kill them faster

So the time during the wave until the last spawned mob is the same all the time. So it's important to kill anything as fast you can after the last mob spawned. Best time would be 2sec, worst 32sec, then add 3sec wait time. So at each wave it could add up to 30sec to the counter. If you do faster than 2sec, it does not could as extra time. So there is an optimal time.
For a tough challenge hard enemies should spawn near the end.

Other than the stand, there could also be another type of Eternia Crystal, which spawns a different kind of enemies.
Sugestion 2:
Besides many other possible options, there could be a all Boss event:
-it starts with King Slime and Slime Rain Enemies (e.g. 10 of each kind). If you defeated one of those the next boss or event starts.
e.g. could be like:
King Slime -> Eye of Cthulhu -> Eater of Worlds -> Brain of Cthulhu -> Queen Bee -> Skeletron (-> WoF won't work, idea?) -> The Twins -> The Destroyer -> Skeletron Prime -> (Plantera won't work that good, idea?) -> Golem -> Duke Fishron -> Lunatic Cultist -> Moon Lord
and at the same time:
Slime Rain -> Blood Moon (e.g. 10 of each kind) -> Goblin Army -> (Frost Legion) -> Pirate Invasion-> Solar Eclipse -> Pumpkin Moon(lvl 15) -> Frost Moon (lvl 20) -> Martian Madness -> lunar Pillar enemies (eg. 10 of each kind)
- all enemies spawn in a predefined order (so its always the same order)(so it's NOT like normal Frost/Pumkin event)
- all need to be done in less than one day (24min) ( so you lost if crystal is destroyed or time over)
- you get points of each enemy kill
- there could be some additional restrictions (like some events/boss can only happen/spawn if night or day)
- item drop rate is hardly reduced or complete off
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