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Old Versions of Terraria


If a steam user owns Terraria, a launcher for playing old versions of Terraria can be accessed via entering Terraria's file that would contain the launcher (and also appear with Terraria as another option when launching Terraria from Steam) or appear as a free DLC just like tmodloader (That also means access to any beta, demo, or alpha versions of Terraria if possible.).

GameLauncher, The-no-longer-possibly-being-used Terraria Launcher made by Eikester, appears to be a perfect example of what the launcher can look like, plus with the feature of downloading any version you like. Adding an updated version of GameLauncher into the game as a DLC just like tmodloader is a perfect option in my opinion. Not that this option may happen idk...


NOTE: Image taken from Game Launcher toolforum!

I believe this idea suits well for any Terrarians that want to try & enjoy what old versions look like rather than watching gameplays, and also for Elder Terrarians that want to playback the nostalgia, don't you think?

If there is anything to say about it, I would be very grateful to hear them! :happy:
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