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tAPI Omnirs Nostalgia Pack

Discussion in 'Released' started by Omnir, Feb 12, 2015.

  1. Omnir

    Omnir The Destroyer


    *Notice* Thanks to both Zero-Exodus and Cheezemaniac, I've been working on bringing this to 1.3+
    *A huge thank you to Compa for bug finding, and Le tromp du Jawa
    and Mitroll for doing the rest of the projectile files*
    Also, you can thank Orian34 entirely for the update to 1.3.5

    Current tModLoader build (it needs refining, and not everything is in)

    [New Download Link]

    [Old download link]

    Update: v0.8.0 is out​
    Updated to 1.3.5 (TML 10.2+)
    Fixed issues with Crystals not despawning, but they will despawn at a slower rate than when first introduced.
    Fixed issues with Energy Bomb and Explosion Runes (placement wise)
    Fixed Ultima Weapon's Ultima attack (I think)
    Fixed other issues and displacements (thank you Compa!)

    Chaos' summoning item can be crafted
    Fixed the fliers
    Ultima Weapon is in and can be summoned (Phantom Eye drop)

    Chaos is now summonable
    Small tweaks to Chaos

    Added in the Quara
    Added in Artorias' armor (not normally obtainable)
    Added in Chaos (not summonable, yet)
    Fixed some issues, including Crystal spawning is now not limited. Will likely change that, soon.

    Fixed many issues with enemies shooting spells out of place
    Added in the rest of the Orcs (Tibia)
    Added in the rest of the hammers (except 2 with no current stats)
    Added in Heal 3 and 4
    Fixed other issues concerning Enemy spawning

    Fixed Fog/Barrier/Wall/Shield tomes
    Added in 2 Halo Armors (prototypes, will lower defense. Can only get via cheating)
    Added in NPCs (14: 3 dworcs, Astos, Dark Elf Fighter/Mage, 2 Dwarves, 6 Tibia Humans)

    Protection, Cure, and Heal tomes are in (Heal 1 and 2)
    Many fixes (Thank you Compa!)
    White Mage NPC is in (will heal /protect members later, shoot fire2 for now >.>)
    A good amount of NPCs done, also :)

    v0.7.1 is out
    Tibia Flier monsters are in
    Other NPCs are in

    Added in about 8 new npcs (Minotaurs, Tibian humans, Dwarven axeman)
    Added in Lord of the Rings vanity/Summoning item

    Fixed most(?) NPC projectiles
    Added in Bomb, Ahriman, Barrow Wight, Cave Troll, Nazgul, Witchking, Sauron (no summon items, yet)
    Fix NPCs (Thank you Compa!)

    Fixed issues with scrolls/runes
    Caravan NPC (might not be in right)

    (did the animation additions to the other town NPCs, but they're not in yet)
    Added in the scrolls and runes (Tibia)
    Began adding in Orcs (3 are in so far)

    Fixed the Town NPC
    Fixed the Earth Crystal (Added in Fire, Water, and Wind crystals)
    Added in the "revived crystals" to get ready for Chaos
    Fixed some projectiles for monsters

    Added in Lich, Marilith, Kraken, Tiamat
    Added in the Earth Crystal
    Added in Black Mage NPC
    Added in various other small enemy NPCs
    Borked Apocalypse, Ancient Dragons, Ancient Dragon Lords and rotworms

    Loot added to demons
    Added in Ancient Dragon, Ancient Great Dragon, Giant Spider

    0.6.0 update
    3 more NPCs (wanted more)
    fixed spears hitting through walls
    fixed ammo usage with bows and guns
    fixed some armors
    Added in more bows
    Added in the rest of the projectiles

    A huge thank you to Compa for bug finding, and Le tromp du Jawa
    and Mitroll for doing the rest of the projectile files

    0.5.5 update
    Swords! and some bows (I want a ton more)
    Messing around with damage multipliers, not everything works :(
    Fixed NPC speed
    Fixed some other issues

    -Added in Final Fantasy Giants
    -Added more weapons
    -Added in Final Fantasy vanity

    This mod is currently for tAPI (Terraria 1.2+, but not for 1.3+)

    [Download Here]

    You will need:
    [Grox's "Base Mod"]

    I do not recommend this for Multiplayer, currently. There seems to be some syncing issues I am not able to resolve.

    BIG thanks to Arkhalis and Yorai for all their help with the coding. Yorai fully coded the shields (twice, now)

    Currently updated to: Terraria
    Current version: r1.0.4.3

    This is a mod based around Final Fantasy, Tibia, and Lord of the Rings. I hope to expand to other stories, also. This modpack is very, very big, featuring well over 100 new creatures (including 9 bosses and 2 super bosses). It also adds in a ton of new items/armors/vanity.

    Almost everything is looted. There sadly is no wiki for this mod yet, as I am constantly adjusting the values to make it as fun as possible. That, and I have no time : (

    Please note: I mean to "balance" it from the 1.1 release to the release, but note that my version of balance will very likely not be yours : P There will be overpowered items and monsters.​

    ***For Nazgul/Witchking/Sauron's defenses: Get the Barrow Blade from the Barrow Wight, and hit them with it once.***

    All items Map -- By: Schoman

    By: Notch
    The Lich


    The Kraken

    and Tiamat


    r Changed Wind/Water Crystal spawns to be 5x faster (1 in 14/1 in 16 on hardmode)
    Changed Crystals to spawn only 1 fiend
    Changed Wind/Water Elementals to be more frequent
    Black Mage now sells Bolt 3 post Plantera

    r Modified giant creature teleporting: they will only teleport when they are hit, but cannot see you. Also, their defense is raised while teleporting (fixed)
    Tier 3 tomes buy-able after mech/plantera
    Fixed Ultimate Healing Rune

    r Modified giant creature teleporting: They make a sound when they can't see you, and have high defense (do no damage) when they're fading in/out

    r 1.0.4 Changed giant creatures from super jumping, to slowly teleporting
    Change projectile particles
    Added in Giant Dad Set (Great Dragon Lord Loot)

    r1.0.3.11 Fixed cure/heal tomes to go above 400

    Rebuilt the mod (gave me weird errors?)
    Removed particles from the throwing spears

    r1.0.3.9 Fixed the shields (most hopefully)

    r1.0.3.8 Crystals now should not spawn on the outer edges of the maps.

    r1.0.3.7 Fixed Spears/Lances firing too fast, thus leaving the hand
    Changed spawns of a few enemies
    Increased Sauron's loot
    Fixed throwing spears to be ranged

    r1.0.3.6 fixed knockback
    fixed Water Crystal Spawn

    r1.0.3.5 Fixed Pearl Spear
    Nazgul/Witchking only spawn on the surface
    Adjusted spawns of some creatures

    r1.0.3.4 Fixed trophies not being place-able.

    r1.0.3.3 Fixed Fliers running away
    Adjusted some NPC spawning to compensate for Crystal's being town NPCs
    Adjusted some loot
    Adjusted some NPC spawning to be more frequent after Plantera

    r1.0.3.2 Changed Final Fantasy bosses to hopefully not run away
    Fixed Wyrmkiller
    Fixed town NPC gore and immunity

    r1.0.3.1 Fixed 1 issue with Tibian knight inventory.
    Fixed Runes
    Fixed Ammo usage
    "Fixed" Dezone/Escape/Exit/Warp

    r1.0.3 Fixed typos
    Added in Town NPCs Tibian Knight and Tibian Mage.
    Fixed Tibian Archer's inventory

    r1.0.2.1 fixed MeatLeg, Dragon Ham, and Hero Elixir
    Fixed Wind Crystal's Spawn
    Readded in the dying crystals as drops (from the Final Fantasy elementals)

    r1.0.2 All mobs now spawn gore client side
    Spiders no longer spawn with Town NPCs present
    Tibian Archer is now added
    Dragonham might be working, now.
    Dying Crystals should no longer drop

    r1.0.1 Changed spawns to not rely on player health
    Changed mobs to not spawn during Pumpkin and Frost Moons
    Added in Piscodemon and Mindflayer
    May upload videos and screenshots later :)
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2017
  2. LoM2

    LoM2 Retinazer

    Sounds pretty cool, will be trying this out in next modded playthrough.
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  3. Wigglesniff

    Wigglesniff Terrarian

    Glad to see this on here! Congrats on the release.
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  4. Everybody

    Everybody Spazmatism

    Third. This looks mad good bruh.
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  5. W1K

    W1K Witch

    O boi the biggest tConfig modpack that ever existed is now also TAPI's biggest modpack so far.

    Welcome back yo.
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  6. bad_news

    bad_news Golem

    Yay, glad to see it done! Loved the pack in 1.1, I'm sure it'll be just as good now.
  7. FierySwordswoman

    FierySwordswoman Terrarian

    As to behold desert a royal born
  8. DankySkeleton

    DankySkeleton The Destroyer

    IS BACK OH BABY! Thank you i been playing you mod in 1.1 is great
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  9. Coolgum15

    Coolgum15 Spazmatism

    100% of the old mod is in this? I want to know before i uninstall tconfig and stop my 1.1.2 Omnir's mod playthrough.
    I just want to get to the delicious 1.2 things, like walking over blocks that are one high, i must have hit my spacebar a trillion times.
    Omnir likes this.
  10. Omnir

    Omnir The Destroyer

    Not every last thing, yet. No ufo aliens or Vampires/Piscodemons/Mindflayers, but they are coming :3

    The wing boots are not in yet as they're being revamped :3
  11. DankySkeleton

    DankySkeleton The Destroyer

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  12. zadum4ivii

    zadum4ivii Official Terrarian

    Awesome! Great you are back to modding :happy:
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  13. TErRaPlay 2.0

    TErRaPlay 2.0 Terrarian

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  14. Logodum

    Logodum Terrarian

    This mod is just amazing ! So, mush new content from items to mobs and bosses. You did a great job.
    Some things i noticed while playing:
    -Can't consume dragon ham
    -Dwarf Crossbowman prefers close combat
    -Mobs spawn on Moon Events. Should fix that.
    -Most weapons lack autoswing.
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2015
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  15. Azu

    Azu Retinazer

    Sweet! The thread is out! Congrats on release!
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  16. CoolestUncool

    CoolestUncool Terrarian

    This mod is utterly amazing! The sheer number of new mobs and items are fantastic - both in quality and uniqueness. Excellent work! :)
    Omnir likes this.
  17. Xman

    Xman Skeletron Prime

    Just quick bug report. In multiplayer, when another player tries to join and one of your mobs(especially the early green spidermob) are on the screen/spawning the other player can't join(his screen just says "connecting") and the server shows a error message. A while after that the server crashes and so does tAPi. tAPi says "Connection timed out". The error message that the server shows says something about gore. I know that is something about gore and multiplayer in tAPI, it's something special that you need to do to get it to work. But I don't really know if that's the problem, because the server shows the error message when the mob spawns or is on the screen, not when the mob dies.
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  18. Drdragonfly

    Drdragonfly Skeletron

    I'm glad you finally released this. Your tConfig mod was amazing and I'm sure this will be too.
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  19. ~[Icarus]~

    ~[Icarus]~ Steampunker

    Good job omnir, but did you add the extra exclusive content you mentioned before or you still going do? ^^
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  20. Omnir

    Omnir The Destroyer

    Ah, good eyes, I'll have to find the hooks for the moon events :<

    I also have to completely fix meat legs/dragon hams.

    Odd. I'll look into it. The player joining has the mod, too?

    Still working on it. It was a task+ to get this translated into tAPI. I don't yet know how to make new worlds/mini biomes, so the Metroid stuff is on hold until I know how to :3
  21. W1K

    W1K Witch


    They're both bools.
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